Zara Larsson – Venus

An energetic playlist of sounds, styles and emotions.

Label: Sommer House
Released: 9th February 2024

Zara Larsson has always been a pop magpie, cherry-picking the very best from what’s come before and twisting it into something new. The results speak for themselves as well, with Larsson building up an enviable back catalogue of top-tier pop bangers. New album ‘Venus’ takes that playfulness to new heights.

Opening track ‘Can’t Tame Her’ channels the urgent disco of The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’, ‘On My Love’ is fuelled by euphoric EDM, while ‘End Of Time’ is a soaring, country stomper. Alongside the singles, there are plenty of big party tracks as well. The warped ‘None Of These Guys’ is a surprisingly sassy track about finding the one, ‘You Love Who You Love’ builds on the urgent groove of Gorillaz’ ‘Feel Good Inc.’ and ‘More Than This Was’ is a pulsating slice of club-ready freedom. Zara is chasing those good times at every opportunity.

It’s not all larger-than-life drama, though, with the soulful ‘Ammunition’, the slow-burning fury of ‘Nothing’ and the twinkling ‘Soundtrack’ showcasing a more reflective side to a pop star who’s always subscribed to the theory that bigger is better. Title-track ‘Venus’ brings those two approaches together, though, offering both emotional catharsis and mammoth pop escapism in the same bite.

There’s no singular vision to Zara Larsson’s ‘Venus’, but that’s the point. It’s an energetic playlist of sounds, styles and emotions, with Zara delivering each one with heart and a devilish sense of fun. What more could you want from a pop star?

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