Jamie MacMillan

blur: "It's only when we get back together that you go wow, people really do care"

With their latest big return, Blur aren’t just sailing the breeze on the nostalgia circuit.

Courting are back and swinging big with their new single, 'Flex'

Courting are back for a whole new "really weird", genre-hopping era. Prepare for pop nonsense.

Dream Wife: "I’m done with being unnecessarily polite"

Dream Wife further their mission to combine the highly political with some much-needed silliness.
Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

The sound of a generation's patience running out to a soundtrack for the ages.
Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine

Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine

A sumptuous, sun-drenched record that feels custom-made for summer, it is an utter triumph.

HotWax - A Thousand Times EP

Only just out of school they may be, but they've already graduated with honours here.

Opus Kink – My Eyes, Brother! EP

One of the most gonzo and debauched live acts around have returned with a second EP of unhinged chaos.

Party crashing with Prima Queen

Prima Queen's debut EP 'Not The Baby' is - obviously - brilliant. We just didn't know we'd be crashing an actual birthday party when we caught up with them to talk about it.

Lambrini Girls: "Drank three bottles of wine, ripped my trousers, came out to my mum on stage"

Truth be told, there’s little that makes a new band more exciting than a bit of chaos - and on that metric, there are few that get the heart racing quite like Lambrini Girls. 

Waterparks: "I've had to learn to be very self-critical; people get it tattooed and shit!"

Waterparks - the most chaotic band on the planet - are back. But what’s the problem with fish and chips, Awsten?
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