Jamie MacMillan
Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

The sound of a generation's patience running out to a soundtrack for the ages.
Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine

Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine

A sumptuous, sun-drenched record that feels custom-made for summer, it is an utter triumph.

HotWax - A Thousand Times EP

Only just out of school they may be, but they've already graduated with honours here.

Opus Kink – My Eyes, Brother! EP

One of the most gonzo and debauched live acts around have returned with a second EP of unhinged chaos.

Dream Wife: "I’m done with being unnecessarily polite"

DREAM WIFE further their mission to combine the highly political with some much-needed silliness.

Party crashing with Prima Queen

Prima Queen's debut EP 'Not The Baby' is - obviously - brilliant. We just didn't know we'd be crashing an actual birthday party when we caught up with them to talk about it.
Fat DOg- 100 Club London - www.patrickgunning

Fat Dog, Butch Kassidy and Cowboyy bring buzz and chaos to the latest Dork's Night Out

How's your ears today? SPEAK UP, WE CAN'T HEAR YOU YET.

Black Honey: "When you’re scared, that’s when you know that you’re saying something important"

Personal trauma, female rage and a refusal to stick to one lane - Black Honey’s ‘A Fistful of Peaches’ is a record ready to punch back. Hard.
Nuha Ruby Ra - Machine Like Me EP

Nuha Ruby Ra - Machine Like Me EP

A series of captivating and hypnotic tracks that drill down into the sure-eyed intensity of her performances and craft something special.

Heartworms: "I want it to be exceptional, and I want to be me"

South London’s Heartworms creates tunes that are unshakeable, powerfully dark and always in control.
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