10 reasons to stan Miley Cyrus by pop newcomer Lucy Deakin

Longtime fan Lucy gives us the rundown on what makes Miley, Miley.

All the best musicians have an appreciation for proper good pop stars; the ones with bold theatrics, iconic staging and top tunes to boot. Manchester bedroom popster Lucy Deakin is one such artist, and her fave? Miley Cyrus. Here’s why.

1. She loves Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Drag Race is all about expression and really encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin and be whoever they wanna be (“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else”). The honesty about some of the issues faced by some of the contestants enhances the awareness of the viewers, which is increasingly important in today’s society. She regularly posts on Instagram about binging the show, and it shows she is just like anyone else, which is refreshing to see (I also wish I was watching it with her tbh).

2. Her musical Style
Each era of hers is completely unique, and you can never anticipate what’s coming next – all you know is it’s going to be amazing. She has embraced all the changes and inspirations in her life and continually evolved her sound – she is the true princess of pop.

3. Her live shows
When playing live, whether it’s a Billy Idol, Joan Jett or Dolly Parton cover, she always throws in something unexpected and always sounds great. This is to introduce her fans to artists they may never have listened to before and also to introduce musical legends to a new audience. She always sounds incredible too and proves that she is a true power vocalist of our generation.

4. She can do everything
She can sing, she can act, she can dance, she can write, she can twerk, she can do pretty much anything – she is in complete control of her own sound and image, and that is clear in her music. She has encouraged countless young women to follow their dreams and go get what they want – I’ve been watching her since I was a kid and can easily say she is the biggest inspiration for me wanting to become a musician (as I’m sure many others).

5. She’s wise beyond her years
Whenever you watch an interview with Miley Cyrus, she is captivating – she has faced so many challenges, yet seems to be so wise because of it. Put simply; she is a legend.
6. She loves animals
She has always been an animal lover and is very vocal regarding #adoptdontshop. Her Instagram is very wholesome and includes pictures of her adopted dogs, pigs, horses and cats, and that just makes me want to be her friend even more.

7. She’s unapologetically herself
She’s outrageous, in the most amazing way. She doesn’t care what anybody else thinks and does it all for herself (“I was born to run, I don’t belong to anyone”).

10 reasons to stan Miley Cyrus by pop newcomer Lucy Deakin
10 reasons to stan Miley Cyrus by pop newcomer Lucy Deakin
10 reasons to stan Miley Cyrus by pop newcomer Lucy Deakin
10 reasons to stan Miley Cyrus by pop newcomer Lucy Deakin

8. She’s honest
She is one of the most famous people in the world, yet after watching an interview, you feel like you’ve just listened to a best friend chat at the pub. Whether it’s about life, music, partying, sexuality or relationships – she always completely honest and I think it’s so important for the younger generation to hear an adult speaking so freely about these things.

9. She’s a child star who grew up stronger than ever
Since a child, she has been working non-stop, yet unlike other child stars, she became a strong, independent young woman. She is an inspiration to so many women (like myself), and her attitude to life is incredible.

10. The Happy Hippie Foundation
She has always used her platform for philanthropy and has been very vocal, particularly about her support for the LGBT+ community. In 2014 she founded her own non-profit organisation The Happy Hippie Foundation which focuses on youth homelessness, the LGBT community and other vulnerable populations and has encouraged so many young fans to be aware of some the issues faced in society. Her desire to help others is inspiring, and she has used her status to help others which is rare and another reason to love her.

Taken from the November issue of Dork. Lucy Deakin’s ‘I Got Bored’ EP is out now.

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