A Day in the Life of… Biig Piig

You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.

You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.


I wake up and make myself a pot of coffee in my super cool coffee machine. God, I love that thing. Whilst that’s brewing, I take a shower; I only usually take like three mins in the shower. I brush my teeth and put on my Big Thief record (‘Masterpiece’) and start my face routine, rub in a tiny dab of extra virgin olive oil on my face, then just simple foundation and eyeliner ‘cause it’s cute and IDK how to use makeup like an adult. I then put my joggers on and roll a cig, grab my coffee and go outside and sit on my balcony that overlooks this beautiful view of LA and smoke my cig and really think about how crazy life is.


I put on the laundry on a fast spin; I run out of socks every four days. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but it’s the bane of my life. I usually call with management around this time; they live in London, so the time difference means that we usually get everything talked about and scheduled at 9/10am PST which is actually very convenient, I think because it means I can switch my phone off after that.


Laundry’s done, and I love my fresh socks. I’ve got a PR shoot today, so I put my dungarees, fav top and my mask on and get ready to go. I usually forget to eat in the mornings. Bad habit. So I’ll try to grab a piece of fruit on the way to the shoot.


At the shoot trying on clothes that look so much better than anything I own. I really need to start looking after myself more and dressing better; it feels great. We get some quick shots at two different locations, and then I’m stressed ‘cause I’ve got the studio, and I’m late. I order an Uber.


In the Uber. I love car journeys so much; this might just be my favourite part of the day. When you’re just passing through traffic and listening to music, and everything feels like it’s paused. Sometimes I’ll listen to stuff I’ve worked on recently and decide on what I want to do with it, try envisioning music videos or listen to hear if it needs reworking.


I arrive at the studio. Working in music in LA compared to London is pretty different. People start work a lot later and are usually pretty chilled out. I feel there’s less pressure in the process too, maybe it’s the sun.


I’ve got to eat; I can forget to eat a lot on days where it’s busy. I order a poké bowl from a place nearby and an iced coffee.


Wrapped up, we made some cool stuff. Lyrics didn’t come so easily today, but it’s alright; it happens sometimes. It’s important to remember that not every time is gonna be your best, but you keep working on it until you make something that feels authentic and honest, even if it makes you cringe sometimes. On the car journey home, it’s sunset. The sky is blushing, and I feel sleepy, but the city looks so beautiful when the sun sets.


Home, I make myself some pasta and try my best not to drink. Sometimes I call my friend Ben, and we talk about our day. It’s nice having new friends out here. All my friends in London are asleep now ‘cause of the time difference.


I’m reading Saeed Jones ‘How We Fight For Our Lives’. I’ve nearly finished it, but it’s one of the best reads I think I’ve ever had. Time flies with it; it’s a very good book.


I’m gonna get ready for bed, put my slip on and wash my face off. Brush my teeth and get a glass of water. I get into bed with my toy cow Ickle. I got her on tour two years ago and can’t sleep alone without her. Set my alarm for tomorrow and label it “good morning I love you” so that I hear that every morning and feel loved lol, and make a rough plan for the day in my notes. Turn off the light and sleep.

Taken from the May 2021 edition of Dork, out now.

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