A day in the life of… Miya Folick

This month, Miya Folick lets us in on what she’s up to.

You know what’s easier than following around your fave pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to right that minute? Asking them. This month, MIYA FOLICK lets us in on what she’s up to.

3:00AM I am awake because the person in the hotel room next to me seems to be having a party. The walls are paper thin, so rather than an indistinguishable din, I can hear everything they are saying. They just decided to get pizza – cheese and pepperoni. I put on ‘Soundly Sleeping, Pt. 3’ by Brain.FM on Tidal. This is my sleep music of the moment. But it doesn’t work its usual magic. I am still awake at 4am. 

7:00AM I wake up to my alarm. And then fall back asleep. 

8:00AM → I wake up, drink water, and put on my running clothes. I haven’t decided where I’m going to run today, but my runs on tour are either exploratory or nostalgic. Because I pass through the same cities many times, I usually have places that I like to go, and it’s comforting to have a bit of familiarity. I often stay in the downtown or Bed-Stuy areas of Brooklyn, so I have a bit of a routine here. Today I jog to Otway bakery and order a mini babka and a coffee to stay. I always prefer my coffee in a ceramic mug. I’m usually a cardamom bun girl, but I deviate because why not? Then, I sit in the shop and do a little work on my phone –  responding to emails, last-minute prep for the show, posting on socials etc. 

8:40AM I leave Otway and jog to Prospect Park. It’s late April, so the park is absolute heaven. I don’t have a particular route; I just let myself get a little lost. Greenery is my Prozac and my friend, and my lifeblood. I love to hear the birds and watch the bird watchers. I love to see the trees in bloom and the tulips in the wind. My body is tired today, probably because I have been on the road for two months. So, I take it slow. I run a little over 8 miles. 

11:30AM I have herbed eggs and cheese and bread at a spot called Miriam’s. I am very hungry and eat very quickly. While I eat, I post a photo of me with Aly&AJ. We just finished off a tour together, and I miss them already! I also start yesterday’s crossword puzzle but don’t finish it. 

12:30PM I’ve showered and changed now. I head to Fort Greene Park with my backpack and laptop because I want to work outside! My record comes out at the end of next month, so there’s a lot to get done. 

3:00PM We arrive at the venue and load all our stuff in. It’s always fun to meet the staff and say hello to all the people you’ll be working with that day. It’s one of the best things about touring. You have your own core crew, but there’s also a local crew every day. 

4:00PM → Soundcheck! I love long soundchecks because you get to fuck around and jam a little. 

7:00PM Doors open, and I sit in the green room and write the setlist. I often write the setlist kind of last minute, but I just like to feel out my own vibe. I want a set list that flows well and works dynamically, but I’m also thinking about which guitar I’m playing in each song and making sure that I’m not switching guitars more often than I have to. I change into my stage clothes and do my makeup and warm up my voice. 

8:30AM Show! I love playing music. It’s just good. I don’t know what else to say. We have a lot of fun. 

10:00PM → I sign merch and hang for a bit. Then I eat a cold impossible burger that was delivered much earlier, but I wasn’t able to eat. I hug my team and send everyone on their way. And then we head back to the hotel to sleep. I wash my face and brush my teeth and write this little piece you’re reading right now because it’s due tomorrow!! I hope to be asleep by 1am, but it’s looking like it’ll be closer to 2! That’s my whole day. It was a good one. ■

Taken from the June 2023 edition of Dork. Miya Folick’s album ‘Roach’ is out 26th May.