A day in the life of… mxmtoon

From dusk 'til dawn with your favourite acts.

You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.

10:30am – wake up & coffee

I tend to wake up and immediately go see if my brother wants to get coffee. The answer 9/10 times is “yes,” so we go out to our favourite cafe! I always get an oat milk vanilla latte.

12:00pm – start my workday
Usually consists of promo for upcoming releases! So, doing interviews, grabbing videos, and whatever else is needed that day.

1:30pm – break
I tend to scroll through Twitter and TikTok or play 8ball with friends on Game Pigeon. If I have enough time though, sometimes I’ll walk out to a plant nursery and see what new leafy kiddos are available!

3:00pm – prime lunchtime
Usually consists of me ordering from my favourite pizza spot, Roberta’s. I’m trying to cook more and lately I’ve been making a lot of pasta and noodle dishes! Today’s was peanut noodles.

4:00pm – podcast time
I’ll record episodes for my daily podcast for a few hours. Takes me about 30 minutes to track an episode, and depending on the topic I’ll end up diving into more research on the subject just because it’s interesting!

7:00pm – dinner time!
My brother and I live together, so we also cook dinner together when we have the time! Our go-to recipe is salmon with white beans. It’s this older recipe that sounds kind of plain but is literally one of our favourite things to eat ever.

9:00pm – think about going to bed
As many of us do, I tend to aimlessly scroll around on my phone before bed, or I’ll watch some more episodes of whatever series I’m trying to get through. Right now I’m on season 3 of Community!

1:00am – actually go to bed
after a good few hours of meandering online or on Netflix, I’ll try to sleep. if i can’t, I listen to Animal Crossing music with rain noises… it’s soothing!

Taken from the November issue of Dork. mxmtoon’s ‘dusk’ EP is out now. Check out her podcast, 365 days with mxmtoon.

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