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You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.


I know that the initial reaction of people reading this might be to think that I’m trying to show off because I wake up earlier than 11am and that’s traditionally not very rock, but in truth, a family of seagulls have recently nested above my bedroom window and every morning at about 5am I hear the little younglings cry out for mama. After tossing and turning for about three hours (and damning the beauty of mother nature and all that she has provided, who needs nature anyway???), I finally decide to get out of bed and watch four episodes of The Good Place while drinking cheap instant coffee and patting myself on the back for getting up at a reasonable time.


After showering and pampering myself in soaps and shampoos that can only be described as overtly conscientious to offset their contribution to global capitalism, I usually text the rest of the guys in the band to let them know I’m going to be late. “I definitely should have only watched two episodes of The Good Place,” I say to myself, every morning.


I pick up Ethan at his place, his street is beautiful but offers very little in the way of on-street parking, so I often find myself backing up about three miles of traffic, honking and screaming until he gleefully skips out of his house and into my car, almost certainly with a lit cigarette, to which I roll my eyes upwards and the windows downwards.


I then pick up Zac (I don’t charge for this service, by the way, I’m what you call ‘a good person’), Zac will hate me saying this, but he’s usually 50/50. In one-half of cases, he’ll answer the phone exuberantly and charge out of his house and into the car faster than Boris Johnson charged into that poor child while playing rugby in times gone by, but in the other half, he’ll answer the phone in a kind of cool-chill way to try and convince us that he indeed hasn’t just woken up, in fact, he’s been awake for hours practising our songs and writing a novel, and will be down shortly.


We arrive at our studio (we’re very lucky) and practise/record pretty much all day until 6pm. This whole process is frequently littered with trips to get a ‘tasty bev’ and some ‘poojey snacks’ which of course are delicious but awful for our health, I fear in 10 years we won’t have succumbed to drug addiction and ego death, but more likely obesity and diabetes. (For those wondering, there is an Indian bakery / cafe near our studio called POOJA, hence the name Poojey Snacks. It’s delicious, and I take everyone I work with there too, most recently the wonderful Do Nothing, I’m sure they can vouch for its brilliance.)


Big jump here but for the past seven-or-so hours we’ve been writing, recording and eating so it’s time to go home and rest up. I drop the rest of the guys home in reverse order, I should have also mentioned that Ed travels from out of town, so he comes separately, so he makes his way home too.


I arrive home, most likely do some dishes, then settle into three or four more episodes of The Good Place to lull me and my wonderful girlfriend to sleep. We are united in our love for The Good Place. I fall asleep at a reasonable 11pm, ready to greet the seagulls with a tirade of abuse the following morning.

Taken from the September issue of Dork. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s ‘The Non-Stop’ EP is out now.

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