A Day In The Life Of… Tom Walker

What does Tom Walker get up to on his average day? Well... this!


The phone alarm goes off around 7am as I wake up in Paris, we had played at a Virgin radio event the previous day, and now it’s time to get up and meet the crew downstairs to jump on a Eurostar back to London.


I bought myself a couple of snacks to get me through the next hour and a half on the Eurostar but fell asleep for the entire journey, so I woke to my uneaten snacks, and about 50 missed calls. Pretty standard that, these days.


As I get off the Eurostar, I’m greeted by Martin, my radio plugger who has a car waiting to take me over to a studio so we can spend the afternoon doing phone interviews for radio ahead of my upcoming UK tour.


We arrive at Wisebuddah and grab some food before the interviews begin and also to fill me with as much coffee as possible to keep my brain ticking.


Interviews are over, and it’s back in the car over to Spiritland near Kings Cross to start setting up for my media showcase that evening. I meet the rest of the band and crew who had driven back from Paris in the van that morning with all the gear in record time.


I get pulled outside by my manager who takes me to the back of an Addison Lee van, as the doors open I see the original hand painted picture of my album artwork and it’s absolutely massive! I couldn’t believe the detail and time that had gone into painting my face; it looked mint!


I’ve now jumped into a car over to a hotel room to meet my vocal coach Lorna and also get a change of clothes ready for the showcase; it’s pretty boring this part, to be honest.


I get back to the venue and do a quick soundcheck before the doors are open and go through the running order of the night with my team.


I lose my phone ten mins before doors open, and the queue is forming outside. My manager is running around frantically trying to find it, and I’m starting to freak out as I had changed my jeans in the toilet, I was pretty sure I had left it in there, and someone had picked it up.


Just as doors open I find my phone in my backpack, nightmare!

18:00 – 20:00 

I spent my night speaking to loads of different people, some I’ve met before and some I was meeting for the first time. Was such an amazing night and I couldn’t believe how many people turned out for it, but I’m so sorry to those who were unable to get in, the venue was rammed, and people could hardly move. I presented the night myself and played some new tunes off the album for the very first time and also performed a couple of tunes live with my keys player George, which all seemed to go down pretty well I reckon.

20:00 – 21:00 

Post showcase I stuck around hanging out with everyone who made it down for a couple of beers, my fiancé was also able to come along too so it was amazing for her to be there, as I don’t get to spend as much time with her as I would like to being on the road so much.


My manager bundles me and all my gear into the back of my cab, and I’m on my way home, I have to be up at 6am the following day to go to Germany, so that’s as rock n roll as it got today I’m afraid!

Taken from the November issue of Dork. Tom Walker’s debut album ‘What a Time To Be Alive’ is out 1st March.

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