A Day in the Life of… Zuzu

You know what’s easier than following around your fave pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to right that minute? Asking them. Here’s what Zuzu's day looks like.
Photo credit: Robin Clewley

You know what’s easier than following around your fave pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to right that minute? Asking them. Here’s what Zuzu’s day looks like.

9:00 am

I wake up about 9am most days, and today is no different! The first thing I do is say hello to my cats, Jean-Paul and Edgar. I give them a load of fuss and then feed them before they eat me! I make a cup of Yorkshire tea (important detail) and sit down to play guitar. I’ve been writing a lot recently, and I always find I’m at my most creative first thing before anyone wakes up. 

11:00 am

The gang wake up! We have our friends visiting from London, and we have our engineer, Corben, here too. Nothing unusual, though, because we always have people over. The studio is in the house, so it’s just the way we live! It’s boss to be able to have a creative space we can work in 24/7, but it’s not the same without people to share it with.

12:00 pm

We go for breakfast at Benricks’; it’s my favourite breakfast place on the Wirral, so we all pile in the car and head over. The staff are a dream in there, and so is the food!

1:30 pm

We get home, and I practice guitar while Corben and Kurran (Karbal, AKA Monkey Junky) practice for their live set later in the day.

3:00 pm

Start getting ready to go out. I think this might be the hottest September I remember! Doesn’t really take me long to get ready; I’m really rubbish at make-up, so I just slap it on and hope for the best!

4:00 pm

Load in is at 5, so in the spirit of being organised, we leave a bit early. It’s only a really short drive to Liverpool through the Queensway Tunnel (got to drop an album reference somewhere!), and so we get there with loads of time to spare.

5:00 pm

We load into the venue. It’s The Black Cat which is part of the Smithdown Festival this weekend. Our friend Get is organising the whole thing, and she plays in one of the bands, so the whole vibe is super chill. Boss little place.

5:30 pm

There are loads of acts I wanna catch on this line-up, and the first is Charity Shop Pop. He’s a scouse kid who provides the most wholesome energy ever. He has a song about wanting to be Hugh Grant that was amazing. So funny but also really talented. After him came Beija Flo, she was incredible. Effortlessly funny between songs. Her music is quite profound; it really spoke to me. She has a really unique way of weaving existential thoughts with mundane everyday occurrences like taking a bath. Super, super talented artist, I’ll be going to see her again for sure. 

7:30 pm

Our Kid is on now, so I’m running about getting him and Corben waters and making sure they have everything they need. They absolutely smash the show. He’s lyrically and sonically next level, super proud! So cool to hear the songs they’ve been working on the last few months come to life in a live setting.

9:00 pm

We go next door to The Little Furnace, the pizza place, and the man behind the counter lets us get our last order in just as they are closing! God bless Scousers! The scran was UNREAL too. Shout out to The Little Furnace for being the best! 

9:30 pm

Our friend who organised the night goes on stage with her band Gen And The Degenerates, they fully shut it down. I’m so proud of these lot, and how far they’ve come over the few years we’ve known them. Love them all to bits. 

10:50 pm

Got roped into doing a secret acoustic set! Surprise! I play a couple of songs to a very drunk crowd and had a boss sing along. Was only short but really fun.

11:30 pm

We get home and watch this weird survival show until stupid o’clock and then finally go to bed.

Taken from the November 2021 edition of Dork, out now. Zuzu’s debut album ‘Queensway Tunnel’ is out 12th November. Catch her on tour throughout December.

The May issue of Dork, featuring A. G. Cook, Djo, English Teacher, Luke Hemmings, WILLOW and more, is out now
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