Alfie Templeman is on lockdown, and he’s not a happy bunny

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Poor Alfie Templeman, it turns out, is struggling a bit with writer’s block during the lockdown period. We know because he mentions it a few times during this here chat, in which he also recommends having showers and doing lil maths challenges to pass the time. It’s ok though Alf, we have a tip for you that will solve everything – just start indiscriminately writing down whatever waffle comes to you and eventually you’ll have tippy-tapped out enough words that hey presto, you’ll have a few lyrics – or at the very least an intro to a Q&A about self-isolation.

Hey Alfie T, how’s it going? What’ve you been up to today?
Hi Dork! It’s very good. I’ve just sat outside cause the weather’s nice and hot.

Is that typical for you at the moment, how are you finding self-isolating?

Self-isolation sucks. I liked it for a while as I do most stuff at home anyway, but now I miss my friends and have awful writer’s block.

You’re done with school now, right? So you’re not loaded up with homework, missing exams or anything?

Yeah, I’m done with school. It’s sick cause I hated homework and stuff, but I do miss the good bits like hanging with friends and making music. It makes me feel pretty nostalgic thinking about it.

How has the lockdown impacted you so far, have you had to cancel much?

Lockdown’s made me cancel most stuff. I have a lung problem as well so if anything isn’t cancelled, then I’m still gonna have to cancel it sadly. It’s crazy times.

What’s your set up like at the moment, are you able to write and record?
Yeah, I’m able to record as I do it all in my house anyway! But writer’s block is getting in the way, and I don’t seem to have any energy to make something at the moment. I’m constantly tired because I’m not doing much.

“I’m gonna keep dropping singles, because what is there to lose?”
Alfie Templeman

Does being stuck at home impact where you draw songwriting inspiration from at all?
I thought it drew inspiration quite a lot at first, but now it seems it’s worn off because I can’t seem to think of anything else in terms of song ideas. I have so many songs in the bank anyway, I don’t really need to worry at the moment.

When do you reckon you’ll next be able to get new music out, do you have stuff ready to go already?

I can chuck out music whenever. I’m gonna keep dropping singles, because what is there to lose? I’m very quick when I do make songs, and I have so many recorded that I can sit back and let them release now. I’ve done all the work!

What do you miss the most with the current restrictions in place?

I miss my girlfriend and my mates the most. It turns out they make my life enjoyable.

If you could pick up one new skill while self-isolating, what would it be, and why?

I’d like to relearn Spanish just because I failed it in school! Too nice outside to do that at the moment though. Will do it when it’s raining.

Are there any tips or tricks you’ve picked up to make self-isolating a bit more bearable?

Tips or tricks, hmmmm. I dunno to be honest. I don’t think getting drunk by yourself is the answer, not that I would anyway seeing as I’m a baby. I think just shower because it makes you refreshed and do lil maths challenges cause it helps your brain to work.

Alfie Templeman is taking part in new online festival Homeschool, which runs from 8th-10th May – visit for details.

Alfie Templeman is on lockdown, and he's not a happy bunny

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