Any Other Questions: Upsahl

We simply cannot go on any longer without knowing that Upsahl’s favourite member of One Direction.

Yes, Dear Reader. We enjoy those ‘in depth’ interviews as much as anyone else. But – BUT – we also enjoy the lighter side of music, too. We simply cannot go on any longer without knowing that Upsahl’s favourite member of One Direction.

What did you last dream about?

I had a dream I was on tour last night. Lately, that’s like all I’ve been dreaming about. Clearly, I need to get out more!

Which defunct band would you most like to reform?

No Doubt for sure. That band was seriously my childhood. 

Who’s your favourite new band?

IDLES. My Dad turned me onto them, and I watched part of their set at Lolla and became obsessed.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I need to have like five coffees in the morning before I’m fully awake. 

What’s your biggest fear?

Nothing gives me more anxiety than big waves in the ocean. The ocean is an unforgiving bitch, and I grew up going to surf camp, so I’ve had my fair share of getting beaten up by waves. Still, to this day, it freaks me out. 

If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose?

The Dodo. Imagine having one of those things chilling around the house. 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I’ve always wanted to make music. Since I could remember, I was always singing and playing any instrument I could get my hands on.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

I’m such a clutz that I just don’t get embarrassed at this point, but the other day, I was holding a bunch of lingerie headed to a photoshoot, and this beautiful man was holding the door open for me as I was running up the stairs. Of course, I fell, dropped my lingerie, and spilt my coffee everywhere. Pretty sure we’re getting married now. 

If you could have a superpower of your choosing, what would it be?


What do you always have in your refrigerator?

Cholula. Every morning I have an egg with avocado drenched in Cholula sauce. Can’t live without it. 

Who is your favourite member of One Direction?

Harry. He’s such a fucking rock star.

What is your most treasured possession?

My guitars, probably. And my bass.

If we gave you $10, what would you spend it on?

Coffee with a friend.

Were you a rebel at school?

No, I was that one bitch running clubs and doing the behind-the-scenes of the talent shows. The little hustler in me loved it.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try?

Bungee jumping is the next thing on my list to try. I have this series I do on Youtube called UPSAHL Extreme where I try crazy shit, and I think bungee jumping is up next. 

What was the first record you bought?

I think it was a Fiona Apple 45. 

Have you ever been thrown out of somewhere?

I’ve been known to stir the pot up a bit at bars if anyone fucks with any of my friends. Getting escorted out by security isn’t as exciting as it seems. 

Do you believe in aliens?

How could you not? I could send myself into a spiral right now if I thought about how much of the universe we don’t know about. 

What have you got in your pockets right now? 

My face mask, a $1 bill, and some lip gloss.

What was the last thing you broke?

A bottle of perfume. At least my room smells great now.

Can you dance?

Fuck no. If I’m drunk enough, I think I can, and that’s all that matters. 

When’s your birthday?

November 28th.

What’s your favourite type of weather?

Rainy days are my absolute favourite. 

Who was your favourite musician or band when you were 14?

Spoon and Weezer. 

What is your earliest memory?

The earliest thing I can remember is when my sister was born. I’m the oldest of three siblings, so when she came home from the hospital, I was soooo excited.

Have you ever won anything?

I almost won a spelling bee in 4th grade, but during the last round, I accidentally added an ‘s’ to the word, so I lost. Most devastating day ever for my 10-year-old self. 

Who’s your favourite pop star?

Britney, bitch!

How punk are you out of ten?

I think punk is all about the energy and attitude, so let’s go with 10.

What’s your breakfast of choice?

Eggs, avocado, and Cholula sauce!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Skydiving was pretty crazy. I think I’m going to get my skydiving license soon so I can go by myself. 

If you could form a supergroup of your choice, who would be in it?

Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Debby Harry, Joan Jett, and Beyonce. That shit would be iconic. 

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for?

Infinite wishes, baby!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I buy mugs, even though I don’t drink out of them.

Taken from the May 2021 edition of Dork, out now.

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