Any Other Questions with… SPINN

Johnny from SPINN tackles this month’s daft queries.

This month, Johnny from SPINN runs the gauntlet of our random, stupid queries.

How tall are you?

I think I’m 6 foot 2, but I just say above six foot to be on the safe side.

What was the last thing you broke?

Probably the heart of the nation with my boyish good looks and cheeky smile.

What’s your biggest fear?

Spiders, them or my mum if I accidentally swear in front of her.

Who’s your favourite pop star?

Johnny Quinn from SPINN. I really used to want to be Austin from Swim Deep though, so maybe him too.

If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose?

Probably one of those giant sloth things. Definitely not a dodo though, if you ever watched Primeval you know why.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Went on a crazy sofa in Portugal once, got a concussion. Good times.

Do you believe in aliens?

I think so yeh, although I kind of like the idea of us being completely alone in the abyss. That’s stuff to keep you up at night, isn’t it?

What is the best present you’ve ever been given?

My dog Graham. Me and my siblings got him for Christmas, I got a dog bowl and was really confused, then our Graham ran in and sunk his teeth into my arm. It was love at first sight.

If you won the lottery, what would you spend the cash on?

Firstly I’d buy my mum and dad a house obvs. I think a lot about urban planning for reasons unknown to me, so I’d sort out Liverpool’s city centre, make new parks and get bike lanes put in, that kinda stuff. I’d get some new clothes too.

Would you rather have a Number 1 single or a Number 1 album?

This is a tough choice. A Number 1 single could allow me the lifestyle of Hugh Grant in About a Boy, assuming it became a Christmas classic, but I think a Number 1 album sounds better, so Number 1 album thanks.

What did you last dream about?

I had a dream last night that SPINN all went back to school and that Andy got his lunch money stolen, so I had to get in a playground fight to get it back. The night before I dreamt that my front tooth fell out while I was in an arcade. If anybody can analyse this, please tell me what they mean.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Swimming pool. Cheap white trunks.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Yes. ‘Twas a moonlit night, just off Wavertree High Street in Liverpool, I was walking home from the pub, then I saw a man in pure Victorian garb stroll past me. I literally got a cold sweat on, and my heart started pounding, and I actually ran home. Never seen anything like that before or since.

What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

Gigging and touring is my favourite part I think. I always feel like a bootleg Bourdain when I speak to people in different cities in mad little bars; it’s a dream.

What strength Nandos sauce do you order?

I’m not afraid to admit I’m a medium kind of guy. When I used to eat meat hot did the trick, but it doesn’t absorb as well into the veggie options and the last time I got it on the halloumi burger my face legitimately went numb. So I order medium, hahaha.

If you could have a super power of your choosing, what would it be?

Does the Force count as a super power? I feel like it should count. I want to have the Force. Thanks.

What have you got in your pockets right now?

I have my phone (which is dead), £5.67 of change and a business card for a paper supply company based in Northern Liverpool.

How punk are you out of ten?

I’m probably about 3/10 on the punk scale, only because I just hand made and painted like 200 album sleeves, which is probably within the boundaries of the punk ethos. I think Shame have some decent tunes, and I can play ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ on the guitar, so I’m going to push that up to a 10/10 actually.

What’s your fave TV show?

Parts Unknown, Limmy’s Show, or Gardeners World, depending on my mood.

Have you ever been banned from somewhere?

Me and Sean work in a carpark, and on our staff Christmas night out there was a Bridget Jones style fight that broke out. We were innocent bystanders, but I knew one of the guys fighting, so I got banned from my local for being guilty by association. Only for a couple of days though, they let me in for a Christmas Day pint.

What’s the most impressive thing you can cook?

I do a nice vegan breakfast thing, like spinach and spiced potato on toast with mushrooms. I can cook a good Tikka Masala too if I have time.

Have you ever sold your own CD or merch on eBay?

I haven’t yet, although I like the idea. I could sign them all and sell them for an even more extortionate price, ha!

Why are you like this?

Honestly, I wish I knew.

Taken from the June issue of Dork, out now.

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