Artist’s guide: Pixey – Free To Live In Colour EP

Blu tells us what’s what.

Newcomer Pixey lifts the lid on her debut EP, track by track.

This track was written right at the beginning of lockdown when I was feeling pent up, and was generally just a lot of fun to write. I wanted a tune with a simple instruction that was easy going and just boss to have a dance to. 

California makes me laugh because I’ve never even stepped foot in America. But I have a funny obsession with it. It’s a jokey scenario I had in my head, that for all I hype up going to LA, perhaps I’m just a homebody instead. This tune was produced entirely by me too, so I treasure it. 

I was feeling really conflicted last year when everything suddenly shifted to what felt like an entirely digital way of interacting. ‘Electric Dream’ is my brain trying to journal all of those anxieties. It was originally written as a piano ballad, but I felt it worked better as a dance tune. I’m tempted to release a slow version though!

This is my favourite track on the EP. I wrote this in Parr Street after a gig one night and thought it sounded like a sea shanty or something. It was also the first track I played live drums on. Liverpool has been such an important pillar in my musical identity, so I wanted to nod to that. I used to walk endlessly by the river and think up lyrics, still do. It’s not about the Merseyrail. 

This track has my favourite lyric on the EP: “Another sunny day, and I can’t be bothered, it’s just another day of English Americana”. I had so much fun producing this track with James – we went back and forth with some crazy effects, and the result was this wide soundscape that holds a huge place in my heart.

Taken from the April 2021 edition of Dork, out now.

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