Who do the bands playing 2000trees 2023 want to see?

As always, there’s a whole heap of buzzy bands performing at 2000trees this year – from longtime favourites (The Wonder Years, American Football) to hotly-tipped up-and-comers (Dead Pony, Militarie Gun). But who do the acts playing want to see? We tracked down a few of them to find out.

Kid Kapichi – We have been in love with this band since hearing their first album. They have a huge sound, blending almost hip-hop-style beats with punk energy and catchy choruses. We caught them live when they came to Glasgow on their last tour, and they blew the roof off the venue.” – Dead Pony

“Last year, Ithaca released such a ferocious album with ‘They Fear Us’; I’m so excited to hear material from this album played live. If it’s anything like the previous times I’ve seen them, their show will be absolutely explosive at 2000trees, and I wanna be there front and centre to witness the carnage!” – Serena Cherry, Svalbard

Hundred Reasons were the second gig I ever went to! I remember being at school and me and my friend who were going together that night, kept bumping into each other in the corridors and saying to each other, ‘We’ve got one hundred reasons to be happy today’ (yes, we were nerds, ha!). Can’t wait, I will definitely be smushing my way to the front row for their set!” – Hannah Rose Platt

“We are all massive fans of Paledusk Japan as these guys are pushing the boundaries of nu-metal core. Their experimental songwriting is cutting edge, and there is no one else around that comes close to their unique vibe.” – Mike Evans, Profiler

Rival Schools – we’ve all been big fans for years and have never gotten to see them, so to be able to play a festival the same day as them is really exciting for us. Walter Schreifels’ impact over the years can’t be understated, and is someone we all highly respect. Our collective influences and tastes are all over the place, but Rival Schools is definitely a band we all agree on and really enjoy.” – Heart Attack Man

“One band we can’t wait to see this year at 2000trees is Holding Absence! We just caught their set over here in the US when they supported The Plot In You, and they were incredible in a small club setting; We can’t wait to experience them in their home country at a larger outdoor festival. We’re also excited to see Bullet For My Valentine – they were one of the first heavy bands I got into, and it really opened a gateway into the metalcore/hardcore scene for me.” – Telltale

“The whole line-up is crazy good! But Bad Nerves are top of my list. They are just about the sickest band doing it right now and their live set reeks of UK festival season in the best possible way. ‘Can’t Be Mine’ is truly a song for the ages.” – Leo Dyke, Reminders

“I can’t wait to see Kid Kapichi live. We played together five years ago before they exploded, and I’ve been desperate to see them again! I love the way they can mix mechanical, driving beats with incredible tones, great singalong choruses and important lyrics. Love that band!” – Johnny Marriott, Pet Needs

“One band? This gets harder every year at Trees, cos there are so many of my close friends on these line-ups that they’re starting to resemble the names on the door at one of my birthday parties… so if I had to choose one, it would probably be Gaffa Tape Sandy, cos I really dig them, but I’ve never met them or seen them play. Kim was in one of my music videos a couple years back, and at that point, I’d never heard them, so I checked them out, and they’re awesome. Really thick grungy guitars with these singalong melodies over the top – perfect! Plus, it seems like they go off live. I CAN’T WAIT!!!” – Jamie Lenman

“Everyone’s going to say American Football, which is going to be so, so great, but I’m probably most excited to see THICK – ever since I discovered them, I’ve known they’re just one of those bands where the live set is going to be bonkers and the crowd is just going to go off. It’s impossible to stand still listening to them.” – Callum, Toodles & the Hectic Pity

“We’re so gassed to see Joyce Manor at Trees. We all love that band so much, their energy is incredible, and you’ll catch all four of us in the pit or surfing over your heads during tunes like ‘Catalina Fight Song’ and ‘Falling In Love Again’.” – Jack H, CARSICK

De Staat are the peak of my picks, for sure! First piquing the interest of my sweaty, sun-stricken, hungover ass at Trees 2017 (I think). Honestly, at first, I was kind of put off by the enigmatic energy in front of me but was swiftly swept up by their charismatic, almost comedically delivered (absolute) bangers. They have a way of winning any crowd over and have become my go-to for letting loose and dancing like a total twat. Don’t miss out; you need this in your life, trust me.” – Anya Pulver, Exit Child

“I am buzzing to see Soft Play, with their new name rebrand – I’ve got a good feeling their set is going to be full of all new unreleased bangers!
Super excited for Witch Fever; they always put on an amazing show with such a strong message.
I am also excited for Delilah Bon and Cody Frost – it was great meeting them at Heavy Music Awards. I’ve never seen either of them live, but I adore both of their music; I can just tell their sets are going to be amazing!
One thing I love about 2000trees is discovering new music. I am definitely going to be checking out some bands I haven’t heard of yet!” – Bex

“There are so many good ones! We’re really excited to see Sprints. The first time we ever heard ‘Little Fix’ we were completely hooked; it’s the kind of song that makes you want to speed down the highway. The lyrics and content really resonate with us and our experience as women in music. Sprints’ music is so dynamic and exciting we can’t wait to see them live and hopefully become BFFs.” – Thick

“We’re super excited to see Gurriers, a really great Irish post-punk band who are playing on Friday. Tombo saw them on their tour last month and loved the show but we couldn’t get into the room to see them at The Great Escape! They’re a lovely bunch too, so hopefully we can have some fun together around the festival.” – The Oozes

“There’s obviously loads of contenders, but I think I’m most excited to see Zulu for the first time on Saturday. Such a sick band, aggressive, nuanced and drawing on a real expanse of styles. Their latest record is fuuuucking wicked, and I can’t wait to see them do it live.” – Ffin Colley, Delaire the Liar

Bullet For My Valentine made some influence on me as a kid. I remember sitting by myself in the schoolyard, blasting ‘The Poison’ on my mp3 player when it first came out in 2005; perhaps just so I didn’t have to speak to anybody.
The estrangement that entangled me while being surrounded by the unconscious, the pain and anger I felt at that time, it was as if BFMV was speaking to and through me. Not only through their lyrics and merciless hooks but also through their distinctive guitar licks cutting like razor blades, and a voice unveiling this impending doom. It’s pure sex.” – Mimi Barks

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Heriot, I’ve never seen them live, but on record, they’re like brutal space horror metal; it’s very cinematic. I love the vocals; they move between an Uruk-hai battle cry and velociraptors hunting, right up my street.” – Steven Battelle, LostAlone

“In the early 2000s, The Hurt Process were one of the best live bands on the UK circuit, and it’s so great to see them back; they will definitely tear 2000trees a new one. Not only will it be great to hear the old classics, their new single ‘Hand Me Downs’ is an absolute ripper. Can’t wait!” – James Monteith, Cage Fight

“The band that I’m most excited to see is American Football, because, apparently, I don’t cry enough in my day-to-day life. Catch me playing some sad air trumpet and sobbing into my pint.” – Dom Moss, Ithaca

“For me it’s American Football, I’ve loved everything they’ve put out since LP1 and I’ve only had the chance to see them once (at Arctangent 2016) so I’m very very excited to see them again!” – Erhan Alman, Heriot

Brutus: Heavy, ethereal, and supremely deserving of a loud sound system, I’ve always wanted to experience the dynamics of their live set first hand, and I absolutely cannot wait to experience that very thing at 2000trees this year! We’re looking forward to hearing tracks from ‘Unison Life’ live, and of course hearing ‘War’ echo around the hopefully-sun-kissed grounds of Upcote Farm.” – Jack Hale, Haunt The Woods

And So I Watch You From Afar: One of the most cohesive groups I’ve ever seen perform and excellent instrumentalists. Always maintaining an exciting energy over a broad emotional range – I’d never miss a chance to see them play live. To be sharing a festival with them this year is a dream; you’ll find all of us near the front, encapsulated and inspired.” – Phoenix Elleschild, Haunt The Woods

Paledusk are my most anticipated band on earth right now, so definitely those guys! The chaotic metalcore band from Japan have just become label-mates with us over at Sharptone Records, but I’ve been an avid fan of them for years now. If you are going to watch any band this weekend, I strongly urge you to watch them.” – Lucas Woodland, Holding Absence

“I’m super excited to finally see American Football live. After hearing LP1 in my teens, it really changed how I wrote songs. Hearing instruments I’d never thought of hearing in that genre pool, being blended so effortlessly with alternate tunings and intricate guitar lines, shaped my writing style to what it is today and really lends itself to some of the Casey songs we have in our earlier records. Their live set will undoubtedly be brilliant and will be perfect festival music for the Saturday night!” – Liam Torrance, Casey

“We can’t wait to watch BFMV on the Friday! We’ve been huge fans since their early albums, and they were a huge influence when we were first getting into bands and playing music. We even still riff Waking The Demon in soundcheck!” – George Hunt, As Everything Unfolds

“You know Bob Vylan is going to turn up and bring it. I heard the tent couldn’t even handle him last year.” – Laurie Vincent, Soft Play

“We’re all proper excited to see Lambrini Girls as their new EP slaps hard, and we know live they slap even harder so we’re excited to get in the mosh pit with these lasses and cause some chaos!” – Loose Articles

“I would love to see The Joy Formidable at 2000trees! They always stuck out to me as one of the best and most interesting alternative indie bands of the early 2010s. I can still remember buying their debut album and just being blown away by the opening track ‘The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie’ and by absolutely huge songs like ‘Whirring’ and ‘I Don’t Want To See You Like This’. A very underrated band that is still releasing great music. Check them out at Trees.” – Deaf Havana

2000trees will take place from 5th-8th July. Visit 2000trees.co.uk for more information.