Witch Fever, Dream State and Brutus pick their preferred route through this year’s 2000trees bill

As always, there’s a whole heap of buzzy bands performing at 2000trees this year – from longtime favourites (The Wonder Years, American Football) to hotly-tipped up-and-comers (Dead Pony, Militarie Gun). But who do the acts playing want to see? Witch Fever (pictured), Dream State and Brutus pick their preferred route through this year’s packed bill.


Aled, Dream State
Delaire The Liar – I saw these guys for the first time at Lume Fest earlier this year, and I thought they were great, so I will definitely be catching them again at Trees.
Press To Meco – Their final ever show. It’s sad to see such a great band call it quits, so I will absolutely be watching them for one last time.
Holding Absence – You can’t miss an intimate Holding Absence show in the forest before they tear up the main stage later on in the festival!


Alex, Witch Fever
I’ll be seeing Bat Sabbath and Graphic Nature. We toured with Cancer Bats and Graphic Nature last year, so it will be fun to see everyone together on the same day again! Cancer Bats always have such a high-energy show. I’m excited to see them as Bat Sabbath. Graphic Nature have just released their debut and are killing it!

Aled, Dream State
Skindred – I’ve seen these guys so many times, and they truly know how to work a festival crowd. Even if you don’t know any of their music, go watch because they’ll put on a hell of a show.
Graphic Nature – Their debut album came out recently, and it’s fantastic. If you like really heavy and groovy music, then go watch them!
Lake Malice – A great new upcoming band mixing a broad range of genres from heavy to EDM.
Bat Sabbath – Who doesn’t want to see Cancer Bats cover some classic Black Sabbath songs?!
Soft Play (fka Slaves) – I used to love these guys years ago before they seemingly disappeared for a couple of years, so I’m really excited to see them back and headline the main stage!

Stefanie, Brutus
One of my favourite instrumental bands, And So I Watch You From Afar is so angelic and catchy that you forget about the lack of vocals. One of the best shows I ever saw was in 2015 at Dour Festival in Belgium when they played.
I appreciate the open arrangements of The Joy Formidable and the unique voice of the vocalist, which is unforgettable after hearing just one sentence. Although I only know their 2011 album, I am curious about their live performance. It’s also exciting that they are part of the 2000 Trees lineup, which demonstrates the diversity of the festival.

Peter, Brutus
In 2020, we had planned to tour the UK with Svalbard, but the pandemic prevented it from happening. Since then, we have seen the band release great material, and we are eagerly anticipating seeing them perform live. Their music is full of energy and features wonderful melodies and tunes!


Alex, Witch Fever
I’m gonna see Crows and Heriot. Crows are the perfect mix of post-punk and sleazy guitar, and I love both of their albums. Heriot are one of my favourite up-and-coming metal bands and some of the most talented musicians I know. Deb and I have been friends since we were teenagers, and I’m always filled with pride when I see her play!

Aled, Dream State
Love Is Noise – Another great new and upcoming band, opening up the main stage! Definitely check them out if you like heavy ambience stuff!
Paledusk – I recently discovered these guys on YouTube, and I’ve never heard anything like it before. It’s crazy, like it hurts my head. There’s so much going on. They’re from Japan, and it sounds like they couldn’t make up their mind on what genre to play, so they decided to just mix them all up. Just go check out their song ‘Black Ice’, and you’ll know what I mean. Really curious to see how they pull off this sound live.
Cancer Bats – ‘Hail Destroyer’ was my jam when it came out years ago, so I will definitely be giving them a watch to see them tear up The Cave.


Peter, Brutus
I’m so happy The Bronx is playing! They were a huge influence on my personal playing with their high-energy performances and catchy, aggressive music. Their passionate and intense live shows are amazing, with a mix of all the things I like.

Stijn, Brutus
American Football
made a classic Midwest emo record with their self-titled debut album. I used to listen to it a lot when I was 16, and it even inspired me to check out Cap’n Jazz and Modest Mouse. Good stuff!

Aled, Dream State
Saturday is my favourite day by far, and I’m not being biased because we’re playing.
Modern Error – I love their sound and use of electronica, big Nine Inch Nail vibes.
Electric Six – I’ve wanted to see this band for years, so I’m buzzing that I finally get to see them.
Holding Absence – They’re absolutely killing it at the moment, taking over the world and putting Wales on the map.
Dream State – Come check us out, check out the new line-up, (maybe some new music), you won’t be disappointed!
Casey – It’s great to see the guys are back together, so once our set finishes, I’ll be straight over to watch them! Holding Absence, Dream State, then Casey to finish off the Welsh trilogy, haha.
Loathe – Another band that are taking over right now. I haven’t seen them live since they released their latest album, so I can’t wait for them to tear the tent down with their aggressive music.

Alex, Witch Fever
My picks are Loathe and Enola Gay. Loathe’s last album has some of the heaviest riffs I’ve ever heard, and I love how they contrast it with more shoegazey guitar parts. Lastly, Enola Gay are a new band from Belfast who are absolutely going to blow up. They play super heavy punk that’s inspired by dance artists like The Prodigy.

2000trees will take place from 5th-8th July. Visit 2000trees.co.uk for more information.