Band picks: Phoebe Green recommends who to see at Live At Leeds 2020

Phoebe makes easy (peeler) work of this year's line-up. Lol, etc.

It’s time to start getting excited, Dear Reader. We’re just a few months out from the unofficial start of our summer festival season. That May Day Bank Holiday weekend means one thing – Live At Leeds. Packed with (literally) hundreds of the best new bands on the planet, it sees one of the country’s most vibrant creative cities turned into a mecca of buzz, hype and awesome live music.

To celebrate, we’re holding a special Live At Leeds takeover. Over the course of the day (28th January 2020, in case you’re coming to this late – Ed), we’ll be bringing you all kinds of stuff from and about the acts playing this year’s event. If you’re going, it’ll help you plan out those all-important spreadsheets. If you’ve not yet picked up your tickets – well, what are you waiting for? You can grab ’em here, right now.

Picking out who to see at festivals where you actually want to see everyone is so hard. So, so hard. Thankfully, ‘the bands’ are more than happy to help. One of our faves – she’s def on Dork’s line-up recs – Phoebe Green has pinpointed a handful of acts you really must see at this year’s Live At Leeds. Take it away, Phoebe.

Self Esteem

A Self Esteem set is something that I am so lucky to have witnessed disgustingly hungover at Glastonbury, and it fully cured me. The live performance is such a vibrant expression of emotion, vulnerability and everything it means to exist in the modern world with no filter or compromise. And the tunes, of course, are absolute belters.

Abbie Ozard
I’ve known Abbie for a while, she’s really starting to establish herself as an artist and it’s so nice to see. Her music is fun yet bittersweet, it’s youthful and really catchy. I can’t wait to continue to watch her flourish.
The Goa Express

Goa are a band that I’ve seen a couple of times and have watched them evolve over the past year. Their energy is captivating and they have a dead cool sound, I’ll definitely catch their set, it’s a really good time.

Marika Hackman

I’ve been a fan of Marika for ages, her dry yet romantic way with words and effortlessly angelic voice are such a killer combination that make her music totally timeless. Her live performance flawlessly captures her essence as an artist, someone who has an abundance of talent, wit and emotion perfectly depicted through a combination of songs that make you want to dance, laugh and cry simultaneously.

Working Men’s Club

I still haven’t had the chance to see these live despite being on a number of day festival line-ups with them, and having both played on the Mac Demarco tour, the timings have just never fallen right. There’s such an exciting buzz around them at the minute, they seem to have something dead good going for them, I’ve heard really great things so I’m looking forward to seeing their set.

Live At Leeds will take place on 2nd May, visit for more info.

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