Barrie’s ‘songs to play while you do your spring cleaning, whether it’s literal or metaphorical’ playlist

Someone find the mop.

Are you a messy pup? Do you have dusty shelves, crumbs on your kitchen counter, and old pants on the floor? It’s time to get your life together, and NYC five-piece Barrie are here to help with their spring cleaning playlist, which arrives ahead of the release of their debut album, ‘Happy to Be Here’. Pop it on, get your furniture polish out and have a go.

Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem River Drive
This reminds me of being a kid and spring cleaning the house with my parents. Spring is about hope and that’s how I felt: hopeful and jubilant knowing summer break and freedom was near.

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
These are the songs I put on now with the windows wide open while my apartment smells of bleach, to evoke those feelings/memories of hope & nostalgia. In this one, the lead synth line in the verses and piano in the chorus really do it for me.

City Streets – Layin’ Too Low Long
I was turned on to this tune by Jordan Redaelli aka Druggy Paul. It’s hard to find on streaming but is the ultimate turning-your-life-around jam. This is the opener to my cleaning sesh – the pump-up track.

Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air
This piece is 19 minutes of pure brain-massage spiritual bliss for those who view cleaning as a form of meditation.

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
This one locks you in a trance, but the four on the floor keeps you moving. Perfect for mindless cleaning.

Hatchie – Sure
Hatchie is my favorite band of the last year or two, I’m really excited for their album to come out. She doesn’t have a bad song.

Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir – Like a Ship
I got really into gospel music in college – I always love the chords and melodies, but every so often there’s a recording that has incredible production and mixing and I lose my mind.

Pavo Pavo – Mystery Hour
I love Oliver and Eliza, this whole album is beautiful.

Courtney Barnett – Three Packs a Day
This one just instantly felt like a classic song – lately I’ve had a soft spot for 90s Gin Blossoms-y guitar music. She’s also one of the best lyricists we’ve got right now.

Kevin Krauter – Rollerskate
Kevin is a great understated songwriter. And this one has one of my favorite lyrics of any song: “I slowly roller-skate through a wall of hate.”

Lala Lala/WHY? – Siren 042
I was listening to this on a loop on tour this winter. I don’t know what about it got to me, but it just did.

Gigi Masin – Swallow’s Tempest
This is what you bliss out to lying on the floor in your clean space.

Barrie’s debut album ‘Happy To Be Here’ is out 3rd May. They play Bristol’s Rough Trade (24th April), London’s Moth Club (26th) and Manchester’s YES (28th).

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