Benny Sings and Remi Wolf’s Guide to Staying In

The duo team up to recommend the very best things to see, do and hear from inside your very own living room.

The duo team up to recommend the very best things to see, do and hear from inside your own living room.

Benny Sings’ new album ‘Young Hearts’ introduces a cast of eccentric yet relatable characters, including – on his Remi Wolf collab ‘Pyjamas’ – a guy who’d really just rather stay in. Going out? Who needs it. To celebrate the single release, the pair have teamed up to produce their recommendations for what to check out during your can’t-move-from-the-sofa time – featuring addictive podcasts, fire films, and a “boring as fuck” book. Enjoy.

Benny: WTF with Marc Maron
I may be old fashioned but I keep returning to the mother of podcasts. Episode with Patton Oswald made me laugh out loud at least once.

Remi: Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen
This podcast hooked me from the first episode. If you like anything having to do with scams or true crime, you will finish this podcast in a day. It’s so addicting.

Benny: Punch-Drunk Love
I keep going back to Punch-Drunk Love directed by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Adam Sandler. Comedians in serious acting roles are the best. This movie is in my DNA.

Remi: The Hunger Games
I literally just watched the entire Hunger Games movie series and got so into that by the end I was screaming at the TV. I’m shamelessly deeply in love with the story. Katniss is fire.

Benny: War and Peace by Tolstoy
Just finished War and Peace from Tolstoy! Boring as fuck, but still. There’s stuff in there that keeps lingering in your brain.

Remi: Sex and Rage by Eve Babitz
Sex and Rage tells the story of a young writer going through her 20s in 1970s Los Angeles. It’s a really interesting and accurate depiction of how the LA social scene operates and as a young woman in pretty much the same situation, I felt seen. Eve Babitz is a very beautiful writer and I love her perspective.

Benny: The White Lotus

I’m not the only one, but I loved The White Lotus, first and second season. And please check out Enlightened, an old show from the same creator Mike White, starring the man himself. One of my all time favorites.

Remi: Ink Masters
I love tattoos and competition shows, so this is a perfect show for me. Chef’s kiss.

Benny: ‘Amateurs’ by Laura Jean

I keep being so attracted to the recently released album ‘Amateurs’ by Laura Jean. So not my genre, but so very very good.

Remi: ‘Weird Little Birthday’ by Happyness

I just discovered this album recently and I am in love with the lyricism, imagery, and how they depict paradoxes in relationships. Beautiful songwriting and production. ■

Benny Sings and Remi Wolf’s single ‘Pyjamas’ is out now. Benny’s album ‘Young Hearts’ is out 24th March.

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