Bloxx are gearing up for their debut: “We’re still indie-rock dreamboats”

Band-leader Fee Booth gives us a general bandy (and albumy) update.

A whole heap of bands have just joined the bill for Hit The North. The North East’s largest inner-city festival, it’ll take over Newcastle City on 3rd May with some of Dork’s fave up-and-comers. From DMA’s, who are set to have a ridiculous year ‘tbqh’, to former Dork cover stars and purveyors of sparkly, retro dance-pop Fickle Friends, to the just-returned Magic Gang boys, and loads more – it’s going to be a proper nice time. In amongst the new additions, you’ll find another fave of ours in the form of Bloxx. Band-leader Fee Booth gives us a general bandy (and albumy) update.

Hey Fee, how’s it going? Are you guys good?

Hey! We are so good. The year’s got off to a great start already. We’ve had some time off, so we’re recharged.

We hear you’re playing Hit The North this year, is it one you’ve been to before?

No, we haven’t actually! Excited to be able to play it!

Do you have lots of festivals on the books for summer?

A few, as usual, very very veryyyyyyy exciting stuff.

Is there anyone you’re especially keen to see play live this year?

The Band Camino 100000%. They’re just great, aren’t they? What brilliant writers. Oh, and The Maine.

“It’s not ALLL very pop. There are a few angry moments.”
Fee Booth

Are you guys in the studio much, is there new music on the way?
We have actually only recently just completed our longest ever run in the studio. There is loads of new music on the way. It feels kinda like we’ve been in hiding forever, but it’s been for good reason… trust us!

How are you finding the process of putting together an album, is there a steep learning curve? Have you hit upon any unexpected challenges?

As with a lot of things, there are always challenges. However, I think writing this album was one of the best and most gratifying processes for both me and the guys. It took like two years, really. But good things come out of being patient and really taking time to perfect things. I’d hate to put out something we all really don’t like.

How’s the new music sounding? Is it all very pop?

Haha, it’s not ALLL very pop. There are a few angry moments. Don’t worry. We’re still indie-rock dreamboats.

What are you enjoying writing about at the mo?

Recently I have been writing about the process of feeling a bit lost in regards to everyday life. 22 is a really weird age where you feel like a baby yet an irresponsible adult simultaneously, and you have to make a decision between a really big night out or a really big night in, in front of Netflix. I don’t really like that responsibility. 
Also, I’ve been in the States, and I’ve actually been writing with a band here called Pollyanna. They’re good friends of mine. We’ve been writing a track about a girl (as usual), and it lets me get a little pop-punk angst into music again.

Anything else we should know?

New music on the 11th Feb [that’ll be new single, ‘Coming Up Short’] then quite frequently, I guess. 😉 You can totally erase that winky face, this isn’t 2008 anymore (I wish it was).

Hit the North will take place on 3rd May in Newcastle. Visit for all the goss.

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