Addicted to bass: Blu DeTiger is finding her voice with her latest megabop ‘Hot Crush Lover’

Queen of the bassy-pop-bops Blu DeTiger has returned with another fizzy winner, 'Hot Crush Lover'. Time for a catch-up.

Queen of the bassy-pop-bops Blu DeTiger has returned with another fizzy winner, ‘Hot Crush Lover’. Time for a catch-up.

If you’re going to make a genuinely brilliant bop, you’re going to need a good bass line. All of which means Dork fave and alt-pop fast-riser Blu DeTiger has, quite frankly, an unfair advantage. It’s one she’s using to the full on her latest single, ‘Hot Crush Lover’, which dropped earlier today (1st April). We dropped her a line to catch up after what’s looked like a very busy few months. With more yet to come – yes, she’s got “probably a few albums’ worth” of new material in the bag – there’s a lot to get excited about.

Hello! How are you doing, and what are you up to today? Are we interrupting anything fun?
Hi! I’m currently in New York City as of today. I just left LA after an amazing week in the studio with the Funk Lordz, aka Chromeo. I’m still coming down from that and think what we made is really special.

It feels like you’ve been really busy lately – signing to Capitol, the collab with Gayle and UPSAHL, playing with Bleachers on SNL – does it feel like things are stepping up for you?
Yeah! In the moment, it always feels like I’m just doing my thing and following the music. I’m so grateful for all the recent opportunities. It’s not lost on me. What I love is that they’re all different but all still me. Signing to Capitol has been amazing. I love my team there. Playing with Bleachers on SNL was a dream! And I’m so psyched about this collab with badass ladies Gayle and UPSAHL. I’m really excited for my next singles and album to come out, too. And I can’t wait to play more festivals this summer and a bunch of shows. I love having a lot of things going on, and I hope it’s always like that!

Do you have any upcoming plans that you’re especially excited for at the moment?
My next singles and album. This is the most music I’ve ever written and recorded and demoed etc. I’ve loved being in the studio, exploring new sounds and textures, and especially bringing the bass to the forefront in all of this, sticking to my mission but also exploring how I can push the bass as an instrument even further. I’m also really enjoying finding my voice and character.

Do you have a lot of new material?
Yes! So much. Probably a few albums’ worth, which will be narrowed down to one pretty soon.

Tell us about your new single – what inspired ‘Hot Crush Lover’?
‘Hot Crush Lover’ is inspired by summer fling feelings, city-biking down the streets of New York City with wired iPhone headphones and the sun on your face. Or driving in a convertible with the top down and shades on in LA. I’ve been learning to embrace the surroundings I’m in and create my own experiences. The song is about letting go and finding your confidence, to open yourself up to the possibility of meeting another person and just having fun with them. It’s about snapping out of that low feeling, going that little bit extra and letting yourself be free and uninhibited. The video is meant to reflect this feeling. It’s wild, vibrant, colourful, cheeky, and fun – to the point where eventually I’m dripping in slime.

When and where do you most enjoy writing songs at the moment? Is there a particular vibe you’re into?
I love writing everywhere, honestly. Each different place affects what comes out that day. But these days, I enjoy creating when there’s a bunch of basses, guitars, synths and a drum set in the room. I love to play – not only the bass but guitar and also messing around on different synths too. It’s physical, and whatever you capture that day is unique to that moment. Or even just starting a song with me on bass and my brother, Rex, on drums. That’s how we grew up playing, and it’s been cool to make music again in that way. 

You’re coming over to the UK soon for a tour, too – have you spent much time over here before? Is there anything you’re looking forward to experiencing while you’re over?
I’ve spent some time in London. I have family over there, and I’m half Dutch (my dad is from Holland), so I’ve spent some time in Europe. I was actually just in London for a show right before the pandemic started! Literally, the day before everything shut down. So in some weird way, it will feel like a full-circle moment when I go back for my show.

Blu DeTiger’s single ‘Hot Crush Lover’ is out now. She tours the UK and Europe this May.

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