Canada House returns to Brighton with more not to be missed Canadian talent

Shining a spotlight on the best and brightest emerging talents from Canada's vibrant independent music scene.

As The Great Escape takes over Brighton once again, one of the annual highlights is the return of Canada House. An essential showcase, it shines a spotlight on the best and brightest emerging talents from Canada’s vibrant independent music scene.

Taking over the iconic Green Door Store from May 16th-18th, Canada House will present a kaleidoscopic array of artists across three jam-packed days. From fuzzy indie rock and dreamy psych-pop to cutting-edge hip-hop and left-field experimentalism, its carefully curated lineup captures the diversity and boundless creativity emanating from Canada’s thriving scenes.

Kicking things off on May 16th is a collection of must-see acts that epitomises Canada House’s eclectic curation. Toronto pagan-punk poet NYSSA conjures an untamed energy set to fever-dream lyricism. Marissa Burwell makes intimate indie-rock confessionals packed with raw emotion. Desirée Dawson blends pop, folk and soul into a transcendent whole. Maggie Andrew fuses punk attitude with simmering R&B/rap hybridity, while Vox Rea weave stories of addiction and self-doubt into their haunting sibling harmonies.

The musical voyage continues on May 17th with another stacked lineup of talent. Harmonising sisters Moira & Clare deal in lighthearted indie folk-pop delights. Begonia is Canada’s ascendant alt-diva, building a legion of fans with her powerhouse vocals. St. Arnaud rocks bittersweet folk-punk tingeing driving indie-rock. And Montreal’s Corridor deliver a psych-pop masterclass on their acclaimed new LP ‘Mimi’.

Canada House’s finale on May 18th ensures the showcase goes out on a high. Blending bluegrass and rockabilly, Jake Vaadeland & The Sturgeon River Boys have become a must-see live act. Soran is a pop savant channeling vintage synth-pop and maximalist modern thrills. JUNO winner Haviah Mighty is an unstoppable force in hip-hop and beyond. Witch Prophet will transfix with her soul-baring alt-R&B transmissions, while Kuzi Cee brings high-energy pop/R&B grooves and Winona Forever thrive on their intricate interplay and sophisticated pop sensibilities.

From established talent to artists just breaking through, Canada House at The Great Escape is a prime opportunity to discover the unparalleled bounty of Canadian independent music. Pack your bags and head to Brighton’s Green Door Store from May 16th-18th to revel in a one-of-a-kind showcase. Here’s the low down on who you can catch and when.



Toronto pagan-punk-poet NYSSA conjures an untamed energy fueled by her feverish lyricism exploring wild themes, old gods, and the exorcism of trauma. With a goal of achieving fevered connection through communal ritual and release, NYSSA keens and wails, bringing audiences along on a journey of deep feeling, movement and joy. Her 2021 debut ‘Girls Like Me’ was long-listed for the Polaris Prize.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 12:50pm

Marissa Burwell

Part back-seat-of-the-minivan crooner, part blow-out-the-speakers indie-rocker, Marissa Burwell blends warm vocals with layered, mature songwriting. The positive reception to her 2019 debut EP and 2022 full-length ‘Bittersweet’ has seen Burwell play major stages across North America and Europe.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 1:30pm

Desirée Dawson

A true multi-talent celebrated for her achievements as a recording artist, songwriter, producer and sound healing facilitator, Desirée Dawson mesmerizingly blends pop, folk, Americana and soul centered around her powerful yet soothing vocals. Her standout moments include a JUNO nomination and two SXSW Music Video Awards wins.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 2:10pm

Maggie Andrew

Rising Nova Scotian star Maggie Andrew draws from punk, melodic rap, simmering R&B and fang-bearing indie-rock to create an innovative, lavish (s)alt-pop sound. After working with top artists/producers in LA, Andrew has amassed over 6 million streams globally and coverage from tastemaker outlets.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 2:50pm

Vox Rea

Sibling duo Vox Rea create a presence-demanding experience with their haunting harmonies and introspective lyricism exploring addiction, self-doubt and grief amidst modern turmoil. They’ve earned plaudits from the likes of Vice, MTV and BBC Radio 6, played major festivals, and have new music on the way.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 3:30pm

Fold Paper

Led by Chell Osuntade, Fold Paper is a rising post-punk force out of Winnipeg channeling inspiration from genre powerhouses like Blessed and Palm. As a black artist thriving in the genre, Fold Paper’s propulsive sound marks them as a potent new voice in the flourishing Winnipeg scene.

Playing: Thursday 16th May, 4:10pm


Moira & Claire

Comprising two harmonizing sisters born on opposite Canadian coasts, Moira & Claire craft lighthearted, uplifting indie folk-pop pulling from their entire lifetime of shared experiences. Their debut project was nominated for multiple 2023 East Coast Music Awards and Music Nova Scotia Awards.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 12:50pm


Pegged as Canada’s breakout alt-diva, Begonia has built a legion of fans with her soaring vocals, legendary live shows and discography including acclaimed albums ‘Fear’ and the recent ‘Powder Blue’. Among her accolades are two JUNO nominations and two Polaris Prize nominations.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 1:30pm


Trailblazing Oji-Cree artist Aysanabee made history as the first Indigenous performer to win the JUNO for Rap Recording of the Year. His powerful, authentic sound amplifies Indigenous perspectives through gimme-more vocal flows and thought-provoking lyricism.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 2:10pm

St. Arnaud

Edmonton prairie-rocker St. Arnaud crafts a signature sad-lyrics/happy-melodies aesthetic blending rootsy folk-punk and driving indie-rock. With his DIY ethos and relentless touring, he’s earned plaudits from outlets like CBC Radio 3 and played major stages worldwide.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 2:50pm


On their fourth LP ‘Mimi’, Corridor lean harder into electronic textures and expansive soundscapes, marking an ambitious sonic evolution for the acclaimed Montreal psych-pop troupe. The result is a richly-detailed, genreless masterwork that’s impossible to pin down.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 3:30pm

Bon Enfant

This eclectic Montreal outfit makes captivating indie rock that deftly incorporates elements of folk, jazz and experimental soundscapes into their evocative storytelling and poetic lyricism. With a stellar live reputation, Bon Enfant are ones to watch on the vibrant local scene.

Playing: Friday 17th May, 4:10pm


Jake Vaadeland & The Sturgeon River Boys

20-year-old Jake Vaadeland & his backing band The Sturgeon River Boys blend bluegrass and rockabilly with Vaadeland’s self-taught multi-instrumentalist skills. They’ve played over 150 Canadian shows in 18 months and earned awards like Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year from the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 12:50pm


Montreal-based pop savant Soran makes music dripping with vintage 80s synth-pop, Prince swagger and maximalist modern thrills. His new LP ‘Loneliness Confetti’ showcases his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and lyricist stepping further into the spotlight.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 1:30pm

Haviah Mighty

An utterly unstoppable force, Haviah Mighty crafts profound lyricism and dynamic blends of rap, song and genre transitions that transcend expectations. She made history as the first hip-hop artist and first Black woman to win the Polaris Prize and the first woman to win the JUNO Rap Album of the Year award.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 2:10pm

Witch Prophet

Witch Prophet and her wife/DJ/business partner SUN SUN create lush alt-R&B tapestries anchored by Witch Prophet’s soaring vocal layering and harmonies over SUN SUN’s jazz / trip-hop / neo-soul-inspired beats. Her 2020 album ‘DNA Activation’ was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 2:50pm

Kuzi Cee

Blending pop, R&B, hip-hop, Afro beats and EDM into a high-energy sound, Kuzi Cee is a polished live performer showcasing vocal runs, choreography and massive crowd participation. He’s shared stages with R&B stars like Nelly, T.I. and Ashanti in his rapid rise.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 3:30pm

Winona Forever

Winona Forever thrive on the intricate interplay and sophisticated pop sensibilities honed over nearly a decade together. Their off-kilter, tangled rhythms and frantic garage-rock edge result in a sound that refuses to be boring and continues evolving with each release.

Playing: Saturday 18th May, 4:10pm