A Day in the Life of… Chloe Moriondo

You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.

You know what’s easier than following around your fave up-and-coming indie-stroke-pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to? Asking them.

9:00 AM

This is when I normally wake up! Check email and lay in bed on phone time. Usually, the thought of saying good morning to my puppy Sammy (he’s 9 but he’s a puppy) entices me enough to eventually get out of bed after probably an unhealthy amount of scrolling (which I’ve been trying really really hard to limit! For my mental healf!!!). I try my best to have something for breakfast every day even if it’s small. Peanut butter oatmeal or a yoghurt are usually the key to this time of day, and I’ve also been trying to take some vitamins w my medicine in the morning before brushing my teeth and washing my face n stuff! 🙂 

11:00 AM

Around now I start gettin’ FULLY ready for the day (cus I’m a lazy creature and I crawl around my house at astonishingly slow speeds). I’ll get dressed and maybe put makeup on if I feel like it, then talk to my dad and tell him about plans for the day like recording or if I have any scheduled calls to get on. Sometimes I have remote writing sessions over Zoom or FaceTime, sometimes it’s more serious business-y calls that I get a little more anxious (but excited!!) about. Whatever it is, if it’s happening in the house and it’s sound-sensitive, I definitely tell my dad pretty early in the day because I live with him and my older brother who sometimes have noisy things to do!

1:00 PM

If I have scheduled recording or writing sessions to do, this is around the time when I do em! I’m either on my laptop talking to a friend about making some new tunes/working on new albums(!!) or recording stuff in my car parked at a local mostly-empty church parking lot. I sometimes go to actual studio sessions in person, but for a lot of the time I’ve spent during COVID times, my trusty lil USB mic has done the trick for some of my favourite unreleased songs. If I’m not working on music though I’m probably playing Pokemon, Stardew Valley, or Animal Crossing New Horizons (though I’ve been depression-slacking on ACNH). I try to fit in a good lunch around this time too. Usually, it’s some sort of noodle bowl or miscellaneous cheesy food that I inhale and then go back to either working or playing video games.

4:00 PM

Writing, recording, and video games often bleed into this part of my day. Around this time if I’m gonna make plans with my girlfriend or one of the few close friends I’ve hung out with in the past year or so I do it now, or I’ll just chill and wait for dinner!! If I’m out of the house around now you will likely find me with Samantha at H Mart getting snacks (strawberry bread fish and dango are my favourite), driving Aiden and myself to nature trails to be delinquents, or at Victoria’s house eating popcorn and playing Just Dance. 

6:00 PM

Dinner!! Gotta eat preferably before 7 or I will be UPSET!! I’m either getting Taco Bell or something Taco Bell-adjacent, at home with my dad and brother eating lasagna, or at my mom’s with her puppy Bug eating vegan stew.

8:00 PM

Now is time to hang out, man!! Just vibe!! Play video games or write more songs or pet my doggy. I start gettin’ sleepy earlier these days, and since it gets dark so early, I’m like already almost ready for bed by this point. 

10:00 PM

This is prime lay in bed with colour-changing lights on time. I’ll usually have brushed my teeth and washed my face at this point, and some days if I’m lucky Sammy will sleep with me instead of my dad. I scroll on my phone for a little and maybe watch some ASMR and then BOOM I am passed out!! That’s my whole day!! 

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