Coach Party: “There’ll be more music, more tours, more merch, more jokes…”

Introduce yourself to Coach Party – they’ve a big year ahead.

Fresh from the release of a brand new single, the take-no-prisoners ‘Micro Aggression’, and the unveiling of a headline tour for autumn, Isle of Wight up-and-comers and Chess Club Records signees Coach Party are breaking through. Guitarist Steph Norris tells us more.

Hi Steph, how’s it going? What are you up to today?
Hello! It’s going pretty good; we’ve just come back home after a couple of Irish dates and picked up Harry [my dog] from my mum’s, so a nice reunion has been had. Today we’re at the studio recording guitars.

Introduce your band – who are you all, and what are your roles within the group?
We are four friends: Jess (bass, vocals), Guy (drums), Joe (guitar) and me. Our roles, I would say, are: Jess, comedian; Joe, tea maker; Guy, driver and interview replier (but I’m taking this one, don’t fuck this up, Steph); me, food finder. 

You guys have been making waves for a few years now – can you remember the first time it felt like you had a shot at making the band a success?
We are still very much looking for that shot, but signing our first EP up to Chess Club has to be the moment we realised we could actually take this somewhere.

What have been your highlights since then?
Playing sold-out shows on our headline tours has definitely been a highlight. We’ve also been incredibly fortunate with the support tours we’ve been offered… stay tuned! 

Tell us about your single ‘Micro Aggression’ – was there a particular event that inspired it?
It sparked from day-to-day life and meeting those people that you just don’t get on with. You know the ones.

What are you most drawn to writing songs about, generally? Are there recurring themes?
I guess we tend to always write about interactions with people; our next record heavily leans into that. 

What’s your favourite thing about being a musician? 
The mountains of cash.

Music aside, what do you do for fun?
Spend all our cash.

Is there anything else we should know?
Yes, there’ll be more music, more tours, more merch, more jokes, more driving, more Travelodges, and more Greggs sausage rolls.

Taken from the April 2023 edition of Upset – order a copy below. Coach Party will tour the UK this autumn.