Connie Constance: “All that really matters is the music and your self-belief”

Connie's new EP is a good 'un.

The end of 2020 is ridiculously good for EPs, and one of the colder-months’ highlights comes from Connie Constance. Out via her own label, the newly-launched Jump The Fence, no less, it’s full of indie bops grounded both in life’s difficulties, but also joys like fish and chips and 99p ice creams at the seaside. It’s a proper lovely time.

Hi Connie! Enjoying 2020 so far?

Yes, actually.

It’s been a weird one, hasn’t it – how have you been coping with social-distancing, not being able to tour and the like?

I’ve been meditating on six-figure brand deals that have no limiting obligations.

We hear you have a new EP on the way, was it written and recorded before lockdown or during?

Yes, I do. The songs were written before. But it was finished during/after.

How much does ‘the state of the world’ impact the music you want to make?

If things that are happening in the world or around me – upset me enough for me to need an outlet – then a song is born. That’s basically how it works for me. If there wasn’t a constant anxiety that we are all gonna kill each other and the world and die, I probably would just hum to myself.

What themes and topics do you tackle across the EP?

Toxic love.
Fears and dreams.
Honeymoon-period love.
Racism and how the colour of your skin can effect people’s perception of you.

“That’s the plan: solve all my problems one choon at a time”
Connie Constance

You’ve talked a lot about issues like drug use and mental health with your releases, does channelling those feelings into songs help you resolve them?
Yes, that is the plan really. Solve all my problems one choon at a time.

It must feel pretty exposing, opening up like that?

Not really. I’m a very private person, so music is my chance to share what’s really been going on. The only thing that I find hard, is sometimes my reality doesn’t always set the best example for young people, but I usually write in a way that explains ‘this is something that I’ve been through, but have come out the other end’. Truth over everything anyway. Made up stories are so boring to me.

What led you to start your own record label? Do you have experience doing that sort of thing already?

Essentially, me and my management were always running my own label, but we just weren’t on the payroll. At least now we are free to do what we want, when we want, we can learn from our own mistakes and grow into the superhero Power Rangers that we are deep in our souls.

What has starting your label entailed?

Superpowers. Ownership. Freedom. Energy.

Is it something you’d recommend other acts give a go?

Yeah, but get funding. Any independent artist you see doing incredible videos / amazing live shows with a full band and lighting etc. has some kind of funding, or they have rich parents. Everything costs money. There are independent artists that have six-figure publishing deals. Don’t believe the hype. Go get some budget and work your ass off, and then things will come to you. Easier said than done. But that’s why all that really matters is the music and your self-belief. If you have those two things on point, people will support you.

Are you going to sign other musicians too, or is it mostly for your own projects?

At some point, for sure. I don’t really see Jump The Fence as one dimensional as a music label. It’s for anyone that’s into music and media that wants to take risks and be at the forefront of their work. People with big ideas and the intent and self-belief to make them happen.

What are your hopes for 2021?

Make some schmoneyyyy. Tour the world. Make epic videos. Eat good. Learn new things. Make a change to one or many. Serve some lewks. Write some indie bangers. Write some heart crippling soul songs. And repeat.

Taken from the November issue of Dork. Connie Constance’s new EP ‘The Butterfly Club’ is out now.

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