Dork’s Day Out Q&A: Feet: “We have some new stuff ready to go, which is coming quite soon”

Before this weekend's extravaganza, we're catching up with some of the 'talent'.

We’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from Dork’s Day Out – a full-on summer extravaganza of new music we’re throwing at London’s Signature Brew this Saturday, 6th August. With a lineup featuring Pip Blom, Feet, Coach Party, Stone, L’Objectif, Chilli Jesson and Mollie Coddled, we’re already unspeakably excited.

Before we get started, though, we figured we’d catch up with some of ‘the talent’. So, we got hold of Feet’s guitarist Harry for a quick chat ahead of kick-off.

If you haven’t got tickets for Dork’s Day Out yet, fear not – you can pick them up here, and find out more here.

Hey Harry. How’s it going? What are you up to today?
Hey hey. Just strolled in from rehearsal / writing. Exciting new things in the works.

You’ve not long got back from a headline tour, right? How’d it go?
Yeah, the tour was bloody fantastic. It felt really, really good to be back out on the road, just the five of us doing it DIY style, you know, like the good old days – except we weren’t crammed in the back of a tiny hatchback. It was our biggest and boldest tour to date, which isn’t over yet since we have four shows left to do in early September. There were some highs and some lows, and we accidentally walked into some poor people’s house late at night, thinking it was our Airbnb. If you ask me, people should lock their doors.

And you’ve been playing a few festivals too? Like the Rolling Stones’ BST Hype Park date?
We’ve been doing a few festivals here and there, including that Rolling Stones gig which we’re still pretty chuffed with. Another festival we’re particularly looking forward to is All Points East in London on the Tame Impala day in a couple of weeks. Being in a band definitely has its perks when it comes to seeing other bands.

Playing festivals aside, what are your Top 3 favourite summer activities?
We’ve all individually just bought the same £70 BBQ from Argos, so we’ve been partaking in a fair amount of barbies. Some of us have picked up Tennis recently to tackle the post-tour lack of general health and fitness. And of course, a spot of bowling at Rowans in Finsbury Park has to be mentioned.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had new music from you guys. You said you’re writing?
Yeah, we’re always writing; it’s a bit like two steps forward and one step back. We write a lot, but then we trim a lot of the fat off all the time, then build the song back up into something new. Rinse and repeat. It’s a strange process for us but we always get there. But yes, we have some new stuff ready to go, which is coming quite soon, and some other stuff ready to get into the studio with.

When will we be able to hear new material, do you think?
New stuff coming in the next two months, I would say, get some loose ends to tie up, you know the score. Going forward, we aim to release more regularly, we’ve not released a huge amount of material in our time so far, have we?

Do you have the rest of your year planned out? What’s coming up?
We’re planning on enacting a comeback to our once infamous Clapped Nights, where we find a cool sort of DIY venue or whatever it might be, put on a show, get some of our favourite bands to play and chuck in a few interesting gimmicks and we’re away. Aside from this we’ll be focusing on writing and getting back into the studio, to be more prolific is the plan as I mentioned before.

Is there anything else we should know?
We are always writing and striving towards getting Album no.2 written and out there, so that’s always been our next move, followed by another tour, more shows, more festivals etc. Rinse and repeat until we get our first Dork cover, then we’ll call it a day.

Dork’s Day Out takes place this Saturday, 6th August. Get tickets here.

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