Dork’s Day Out Q&A: Pip Blom: “Playing the new songs live and seeing the reaction we get gives me good faith”

Before this weekend's extravaganza, we're catching up with some of the 'talent'.

We’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from Dork’s Day Out – a full-on summer extravaganza of new music we’re throwing at London’s Signature Brew this Saturday, 6th August. With a lineup featuring Pip Blom, Feet, Coach Party, Stone, L’Objectif, Chilli Jesson and Mollie Coddled, we’re already unspeakably excited.

Before we get started, though, we figured we’d catch up with some of ‘the talent’. So, we got hold of Pip Blom’s guitarist Tender for a quick chat ahead of kick-off.

If you haven’t got tickets for Dork’s Day Out yet, fear not – you can pick them up here, and find out more here.

Hey Tender, how’s it going? What are you up to today?
We just got back home from England after playing Kendal calling and Deer Shed festivals, and I’m making some new tunes with Lena Hessels at the moment.

You guys released your second album at the end of last year, how are you feeling now it’s been out in the world for a bit? Have you had good feedback from fans?
Yeah definitely! I think especially during the in-stores we did a little while ago, we really felt the love and excitement from people, which, for me, cemented the idea that we did a good job on this record.
The idea that people are actually listening to it can be a bit abstract, but playing the new songs live and seeing the reaction we get gives me good faith.

Did you get to try out much of it live before release, or did much of that have to wait until this year?
If memory serves me right (which it rarely does), the first tour we did was near the end of the rollout, so I’d say the brunt of it was this year.

Has your favourite song from the album changed now you’ve lived with it a while?
As far as the recorded versions, nope! For me, it’s still ‘It Should Have Been Fun’; the lyrics always get to me, and I love the over-the-top end chorus.
But live, I’m torn between ‘Faces’ and ‘Trouble In Paradise’! The way faces transitions into the bridge and back out to the final chorus is just too clean, and the verse part of ‘Trouble In Paradise’ is so much fun to play I can’t really decide.

Have you started to think about your third album yet?
Pip is cooking up demos in the studio as we speak!

Playing festivals and such aside, what are your Top 3 favourite summer activities?
Let me start off by saying that I am, in fact, the whitest boy on the beach. Anybody who’s seen us play knows I take my shirt off, and for good reason. I don’t do well in heat. So my Top 3 consists of:

  1. Going out at night when it’s bearable
  2. Surfing
  3. Swimming

Do you have the rest of your year planned out? What’s coming up?
We’re playing green man later this month, Pip and her boyfriend Willem (from the band Personal Trainer) are organising a festival/birthday party in Amsterdam at the end of the month, we’re joining Maximo Park on tour in October, and we’re doing a little Europe run in September. Mainly shows! Pip’ll be working on new music, but it’ll take a while before that sees the light of day.

Is there anything else we should know?
Put on sunblock, stay hydrated and listen to Motomami.

Dork’s Day Out takes place this Saturday, 6th August. Get tickets here.

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