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Knowing that we were going to sit down with The 1975 for this month’s extra special cover feature, we knew pretty quickly that we wanted to place the fans front and centre.

As part of that, we wanted to hear about your experiences with the band. Your favourite songs, album takes, and even the questions you’d love to ask them. You responded in your droves.

May the Twitter* debates begin.

* if it’s, y’know, still here by the time you read this

Photo: Jennifer McCord.

Your favourite The 1975 track at the moment
1. About You
2. Oh, Caroline
3. Happiness
4. Robbers
5. Looking For Somebody (To Love)
6. Paris
7. I’m In Love With You
8. A Change of Heart
9. Part of the Band
10. The 1975 (BFIAFL version)

And why those tracks? We asked you that too…

“It has always had a special place in my heart and I feel that the song encapsulates my favourite 1975 era perfectly. I’ll also soon be getting a tattoo related to the song of the two characters from the music video.”
– A Change Of Heart (Hayley, London)

“Dreampop and shoegaze vibes + reminds me of the EPs.”
– About You (Allan, Philippines)

“It sounds delicious – a mix of Robbers and Medicine while sounding like something new”
– About You (Maddy, London)

“Since it came out I’ve simply been obsessed with the way it makes me feel. I’m always smiling, dancing, singing, forgetting anything around me whilst listening to it. It just puts me in the bestest of moods.”
– Happiness (Selly, Germany)

“There’s so many layers, so many instruments to discover. It sounds like a TOTO song, like a warm hug from the 80’s. It sounds like it was legit made in that era.”
– Oh, Caroline (Christy, Amsterdam)

Your favourite album…

1. Being Funny in a Foreign Language
2. i like it when you sleep…
3. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
4. The 1975
5. Notes on a Conditional Form

Your favourite era

1. i like it when you sleep…
2. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
3. Being Funny in a Foreign Language
4. The 1975
5. Notes on a Conditional Form

Your top tracks for your dream setlist…

1. Antichrist (Note how none of you picked it for your favourite song though – SIGH – Ed)
2. About You
3. Menswear
4. Milk
5. Paris

Your most underrated The 1975 track

1. This Must Be My Dream
2. The Ballad Of Me and My Brain
3. If I Believe You
4. Undo
5. Inside Your Mind

Your favourite The 1975 lyrics…

1. “Don’t fall in love with the moment, and think you’re in love with the girl” – She’s American
2. “You do make me hard, but she makes me weak” – Be My Mistake
3. “Babe, you look so cool” – Robbers
4. “If you can’t survive, just try” – I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)
5. “She said” – y’know… ‘Various’

We asked you to recall your favourite experience of seeing The 1975 live – the where, the when, what it felt like, and even if you could to share a photo with us of that show.

We got people from all across the globe sharing their experiences and pictures.

“I went by myself to the show because I had never been to a concert on my own. Best time ever. Pretty sure I got my phone stepped on during “The Sound” after Matty asked everyone to JUMP when the breakdown hit but I was too happy to notice.”
Andrew, Seattle, USA

“My first time seeing The 1975 live! I got suffocated and ran over and pushed but it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I travelled out of state for the show, then ended up moving there the next year because I loved it so much!”
Mia, USA

“The IV EP had just come out, but I hadn’t heard it yet. Sex and MFC EPs had been on repeat the months prior to the show. Hearing unreleased songs from their debut album was what made me an instant huge fan – I remember thinking Girls and Heart Out were two of the catchiest songs I’d ever heard.”
Daniel, Rhode Island, USA

“The night I saw them, immediately bought tickets for their 2014 show at the 02 Academy on the train home I was so mesmerised. Feel so lucky to have seen them at that point. The fact the ABC isn’t there anymore also brings another layer of nostalgia to that show.”
Rhys, Scotland

“It was very stripped back, no singular rectangle, just them on a stage with lighting. One key moment was when Matty told everyone in the crowd to hold hands with the person next to them, and go crazy. It was the show that changed my life and I didn’t even realise it at the time.”
Grace, Ireland

We all know that The 1975 has a rare and special connection to their fanbase, and so it was no surprise that of all the people who responded to our poll, nearly a quarter of you have a tattoo dedicated to them. We got to see such an incredible range (the box still comes out on top of people’s top pick) spanning across all five eras of the band and here are some of our favourites.

Order a copy of Dork’s December 2022 / January 2023 edition, starring The 1975, below.

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