BROODS’ Georgia Nott is back as Georgia Gets By: “It’s nice to have that feeling of being a beginning of something again”

BROODS’ Georgia Nott has been quietly working away on a solo project of her own – now GEORGIA GETS BY is finally here.

Words: Sam Taylor.

Primarily known for her work in electro-pop duo BROODS, Georgia Nott has been quietly working away on a solo project of her own – and now it’s finally here.

Georgia Gets By sees the New Zealand artist create something that’s wholly her own, with debut EP ‘Fish Bird Baby Boy’ – due later this year – delving into crushes, old hurts, striving for independence and more. Georgia tells us more about her new project and new single, ‘Happiness Is An 8 Ball’.

Hi Georgia! How’s it going? What are you up to today, anything fun?
It’s going great! I’m packing my suitcase. Feeling generally quite good about things. I’ve just played my first show as Georgia Gets By in Malibu.

Tell us about Georgia Gets By – what sparked its creation, and what do you want to do with it?
I’ve been working on it since way before I even realised I was making a new project. Through the pandemic, I spent all my time looking out the window for hours playing guitar and writing. I made a LOT of music, and after a while, this project just kinda emerged.

You’ve been working on it for a while; why is now the right time to launch Georgia Gets By?
This whole process has unravelled quite naturally. When I finally worked up the courage to admit to myself and my management that I was seeing a new project unfold, I started sharing the music, and a bunch of wonderful people started to get involved in finishing the record and releasing it. I’m still walking around thinking, “Woah! This is cool! Is this real?” It’s nice to have that feeling of being a beginning of something again.

You’ve just released your single ‘Happiness Is An 8 Ball’, what’s it about? Where did it come from?
I wrote this song in the garden at my old flat in Wellington, and initially, I didn’t think it was that good. I went inside and showed Noah [Beresin] with a disclaimer that I thought it was a bit shit. He heard it with his whole imagination, though, and we then built it into what it is now. It became my favourite child. The song itself is about that apathy of being on your last legs in a relationship, but something still holds onto you. You’re not there for love anymore, but it feels like you have to stay for whatever reason.

“I was drawn to the wonkiness of old tape and live recordings”

Georgia Gets By

How does it fit into your debut EP?
It’s definitely the most angry song! Maybe that’s why I love it so much. It facilitates my rage. As for the rest of the EP… you shall see.

You’ve said the EP was written and recorded with “organic instruments” – can you tell us a bit more about that?
I think, after making a lot of electronic music throughout my 20s, I found myself looking for something that felt tangible and imperfect. Especially with everything being so cyber-focused through the pandemic, I was drawn to the wonkiness of old tape and live recordings. I really wanted to feel fingers on strings and the room and the birds.

“Lately, I’ve just been spewing my feelings everywhere”

Georgia Gets By

What do you most enjoy writing songs about at the moment? Are there any themes you’re particularly drawn to?
I like visual poetry. It’s comforting. But lately, I’ve just been spewing my feelings everywhere without restraint or intelligence. It’s nice to switch it up. Either way, if I’m holding a guitar, the song will be better for it. That’s my favourite way to write. Just sitting outside with a guitar and waiting for the song to come out.

Do you have plans for live shows?
Definitely! Hoping to have something solid to announce soon.

What else are you working on at the moment?
Still/always writing. As soon as one record is done, I’m onto the next. It helps keep me sane to always have a working tracklist on my laptop. ■

Georgia Gets By’s debut EP ‘Fish Bird Baby Boy’ is out 6th October. Follow Dork’s Hype Spotify playlist here.