Get a Hobby: Zuzu on comics

"Our universe is actually in the Marvel multiverse; we are Earth-1218!"

Musicians are real people, you know. They do stuff other than just create nice songs – like read and illustrate comics and cartoons.

Hey Zuzu, what first introduced you to comics?

Probably Cartoon Network! I got the comics for my favourite shows.

Would you describe yourself as a purist?

No, definitely not. I just like what I like, old or new.

How extensive is your comic collection?

My personal collection isn’t huge, I’ve got a few DC comics, and I have had a subscription to the Adventure Time comics for a couple of years now. My boyfriend’s dad is a massive comic book fan, and I’ve got my hands on his amazing Marvel collection from the 70s, I haven’t even read through them all there’s that many!

Do you have a favourite issue, series or character?

Maybe it’s because I love the show so much, but I cherish my Adventure Time comics. The characters translate so well into that format; they use the same language as they do in the show to really bring the individual characters to life. Marceline the Vampire Queen is my favourite, she writes songs and plays an Axe! She’s Math!

What do you make of the current slew of film and TV adaptions?

I haven’t really watched the new Marvel stuff, except the Guardians of the Galaxy films, which I loved! The new Star Trek on Netflix is unreal also I LOVE the new Spider-Man game, got my first platinum trophy with that one!

Do you go to conventions and stuff?

I’ve not been to any yet, but this year I really hope to get to Comic-Con!

When did you start drawing comics yourself?

Not long ago! Maybe for about a year or two, I get super insecure about my drawings way more than I do my music. I started drawing as another creative outlet when I’m done with music for the day.

Do you have a favourite illustration project that you’ve worked on?

I’m so far from being professional, so I have only ever done things for fun. I started drawing people as a way to say thank you for the amazing things they do for me. So apart from my own little projects I’ve not done much! I drew a logo for one of my friends Lauran Hibberd who’s using it on all her stuff now, that makes me proud!

Finally, tell us something about comics that most people don’t know?

Micheal Jackson wanted to be Spider-Man and tried to buy Marvel comics in the 90s! Also, our universe is actually in the Marvel multiverse; we are Earth-1218!

Taken from the March issue of Dork, out now.

Get a Hobby: Zuzu on comics
Get a Hobby: Zuzu on comics
Get a Hobby: Zuzu on comics

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