Hype List 2018: Stereo Honey

London foursome Stereo Honey are heading into 2019 with some top-notch indie crooning.

With a new year, comes the weight of expectation on a new batch of artists, thrust into the spotlight and expected to set the agenda for the twelve months ahead. That’s what The Hype List is about – a series of interviews, profiles and more highlighting who we think will be making a noise in 2019.

With tunes taking inspiration from the lofty ideals of poetry, through to hot topics such as toxic masculinity, London foursome Stereo Honey are heading into 2019 with some top-notch indie crooning.

Hey Stereo Honey, how’s it going? Have you had a good 2018?
We’re good! 2018 has been pretty epic. We’ve done some amazing shows and got to play in some incredible places along the way. The year’s been a bit of a mad blur. 

Your ‘What Makes A Man’ EP is great, how did it come together?
We’re really proud of the EP. We spent a long time writing and putting tracks together that we felt worked well alongside one another. We found ourselves exploring ideas and themes that were quite personal and initially quite intimidating to talk about, but we’re really proud of the result. 

Do you have much new music in your locker at the mo?
We’re in hermit mode at the moment, holed away writing for next year. Expect new tunes on the horizon!  

Is an album on the agenda for 2019?
Hopefully! We’re focused on demoing and writing and putting something really special together. 

Is there anything else you’re especially looking forward to doing next year?
It’s got to be festival season for sure. Can’t beat it. 

What do you think will be music’s most important job over the next twelve months or so?
Music brings people together. As long as it keeps doing that, then it’s doing its job properly. 

Anything else we should know?
We read online yesterday that bees can smell with their knees. Just thought we should share.

Taken from the December 2018 / January 2019 issue of Dork. Order a copy below.

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