Hype List 2021: Biig Piig: “We’ve got a whole lot ready to drop. It’s exciting”

London-based, Irish popster Biig Piig is currently hard at work on a debut album after an especially buzzy 2020.

London-based, Irish popster Biig Piig is currently hard at work on a debut album after an especially buzzy 2020.

Words: Stephen Ackroyd.

The buzz around Biig Piig is nothing new.With a string of brilliant singles over the last twelve months, including the glorious ‘Switch’ and possibly even more impressive ‘Don’t Turn Around – Jess Smyth’s star is in the ascent. Part of the fast-rising NiNE8 collective, with a debut project to follow, 2021 looks like it’ll be even bigger.

How are you? This year has been tough. You okay?
I’m alrighty! Thanks for asking, it’s been a strange one this year man, but we’ve our health and that’s the main thing. 

At the end of last year, so many acts were set up to make their big push in 2020, then obviously music sort of stopped. Have you seen the last few months as a pause to plans already set, or an opportunity to create and reset?
Sooo I’ve been making lots of music the last couple years but as for an album I’m still trying to work out what that means for me. I’ve got ideas for a project though 100% next year.

How’s work on the album going? Has the downtime allowed you to work more on it than you might otherwise?
I work in studios around London, usually the same one in Brixton which is close enough to where I live. During lockdown I wasn’t writing at all really to be honest. I was just in a bit of a pause period, staring out the window trying to understand what was happening to the world. But once the lockdown was eased the first time we were able to go back into session with guidelines, I think next lockdown I’m gonna start making more from home tho. I wanna be able to be self-sufficient like that.

At the start of lockdown you said you’ve been experimenting with various producers in the studio. How’s that gone?
Yeah it was good! I’ve found my fave producers to work with now I think. Zach Nahome, JD Reid, Luca Buccellati I’ve been working with a lot recently; we’ve found our process and it just comes so easy with those guys.

Have you been able to do much with NiNE8, given all the restrictions? Has remote collaboration been an option?
Yeah! We were lucky cause we had a full two weeks in the studio making music before lockdown 1 came in so we made two tapes, one we dropped recently and the next incoming. I really missed them during lockdown, you forget how much you need people round ya, but yeah, we’ve got a whole lot ready to drop. It’s exciting.

While tip lists and awards might be all very well, you’ve already scored the ultimate prize – getting a track on the FIFA 21 soundtrack. It’s a weirdly big thing in pop culture, have you seen more people finding your music through it who might otherwise not have come across it?
Yeah 100% I’ve had a lot of lovely messages from people that have heard it by playing the game. A lot of “Biig Piig lol what is that name but this track slapssss”, haha.

Do you have much in the diary for 2021 yet, or is it hard to plan with so much uncertainty?
I’ve got a lot of plans for 2021 for releases, as for shows though I’ve a plan but we’re just going to have to wait and see if it’ll be allowed. If it is though I think it’ll be really special the way I’m planning to do – it’ll be more of an experience than any live shows I’ve done in the past.

In the name of positivity – what’s the single best thing that’s happened to you in the past year?
Trump got fired yesterday, lol – that was a highlight for sure. Otherwise, I’m starting to really get to know myself again. This year has put so many things in perspective, and coming out the end of it I’ve started to value time on my own with my thoughts and people I hold dear. This year has made me so much more grateful for my life and my health and my age and my friends and a whole lot of stuff. So I’m thankful for that.

Taken from the December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Dork, out now.

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