Hype List 2021: Mysie: “I’m just super excited for the future and the music to come out”

Already picking up accolades for her songwriting prowess, Mysie is a special talent.

Already picking up accolades for her songwriting prowess, Mysie is a special talent.

Words: Sam Taylor. Photos: Chio Fernandez.

Most of the artists on this list are pure potential, but not Mysie. Mysie is already winning bloody Ivor Novello awards. “Honestly, it’s madness,” she told us earlier this year when her Rising Star nomination came through. Now she’s taken home the prize, the South Londoner’s ascent is picking up pace. The granddaughter of a renowned Ugandan jazz musician, the talent is in her bloodline, but her journey is only just beginning.

Hi Mysie, how’s it going? What are you up to today?
Hey! I’m good thanks! Just been writing music and binge-watching Bob’s Burgers, hehe.

It feels like you’re prepped to have a really exciting 2021 – how have you found working on new material lately? Has all the social-distancing impacted your productivity?

A lot has gone on, so I’ve been pretty inspired when it comes to writing new material. Social-distancing hasn’t really impacted my productivity, in fact, it’s revived it in a way I never thought. It’s made me connect with myself even more. I feel that lockdown offered no distractions to my creativity; it took me to a different space.

Does ‘the state of things’ feed into what you find yourself wanting to write about?

I think subconsciously yes, at times. I’m always present when I’m writing, and I find it super cathartic. I think the beauty of it is the feeling of escaping the world you’re currently in.

Tell us about what you’ve got coming up, there’s a new EP, right?

Yes, I’ve got an EP on the way for the new year!

“In times of trouble, music is what helps me through”


How have you found working with Fraser T Smith? Do you enjoy collaborating?
It’s been amazing working with Fraser, and I’ve learned so much from him. Being mentored by him this year has been life-changing, and I’ve really enjoyed collaborating! For me, it’s super important, and I love to see how others add a different perspective to my art.

Do you think you’re going to hold off thinking about a full album until the world is in a slightly better place?

I won’t hold off. I think in times of trouble, music is what helps me through. If I can make someone feel something, whether that is hope or nostalgia, it can be really healing in times of unrest.

What was the aftermath of winning an Ivor Novello award like? It’s such a huge thing.

Unreal. Winning the Ivor Novello award has been incredible. It’s really amazing to be recognised for my work so early in my career. I’m just super excited for the future and the music to come out.

Do you have much in the diary for next year yet?

Will definitely have to see!

What are you most looking forward to at the moment?

The music. Can’t wait to drop my next EP to the world.

Taken from the December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Dork, out now.

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