In The Know: Self Esteem picks her fave up-and-comers

Check out this lot.

There are always more bands – the biggest question is who do you listen to when it comes to recommendations? Obviously Dork, your new music bible, should be your first port of call, but there are others too. This month we ask Self Esteem, who tips both a few buzzy up-and-comers, and a Snow Patrol song…

I am notoriously terrible at listening to new music. If it’s great I’m jealous; if it’s shit, I’m annoyed it exists. I am well aware of how dreadful that makes me, but it’s too late for me to change. I have however managed to relax a little on this since making my own stuff truly and authentically, so here we go I’ll try and tell you about who I think is the tits right now.

Camp Cope are everything a woman like me is after right now: excellent musicians, perfect amount of fucked off at men but with good reason to be. The lead singer’s voice makes my fanny flip when she goes up the octave. I love them.

Militant Girlfriend are the best, most gorgey band in London right now IMO. Liv Wynter is one of my favourite artists because of her authenticity and heart. Combine that with Caitlin King, the most magic beautiful choir girl idiot, and you’ve got etherial punk madlad perfection.

I implore you to check out Marged who is so good I made her be in my band. Officially the coolest bitch in Wales, Marged turns her incredible legit musical talent (she can play the harp *squirt emoji*) into the most sophisticated and intricate R&B. Her. Voice. Is. Next. Level. Also.

And finally, there’s a song by Snow Patrol called ‘An Olive Grove Facing The Sea’ that basically nobody has ever heard, but it is now entering its 15th year of being my most go to thing to play when I’m feeling emotional or horny which is all the time. 

Taken from the April 2019 issue of Dork. Self Esteem’s debut album ‘Compliments Please’ is out now.

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