Jordana: “‘Face The Wall’ means acknowledging my flaws in order to learn and grow to love myself”

From bedroom pop to studio bops, Jordana's new album 'Face The Wall' shows potential realised in grand style. We dropped her a few quick questions to find out more.

From bedroom pop to studio bops, Jordana‘s new album ‘Face The Wall’ shows potential realised in grand style. We dropped her a few quick questions to find out more.

Words: Stephen Ackroyd. Photo: Pooneh Ghana.

Hello! What are you up to today other than the thrill of responding to press requests?
Hello!!! I will be going to tour rehearsal pretty soon! But that’s not as exciting as answering these! Thank you for having me!

When did you begin work on your new album, what was the starting point?
I had technically started working on ideas for an album around the beginning of 2021 with Jef Melvin (co-prod. ‘Something To Say To You’). Then I began working with Cameron Hale a little more after a song we did with Ryan Woods called ‘Doubt of Revival’. We got to work on some of the ideas Jef, and I made that we didn’t know where to take, plus some new tracks.

The title, ‘Face The Wall’, can be interpreted in a few ways – what meaning do you take from it?
For me right now, ‘Face The Wall’ means acknowledging my flaws and all of the things I don’t like about myself in order to learn and grow to love myself. Sometimes though, in a literal sense, it means to face the wall and try to cry like I’m in time out, but add 10 cups of numbness to it!

You’ve released a couple of EPs since your debut. Did those help you figure out what you wanted to do with this next record?
It honestly inspired me to expand even more, get out of my comfort zone, and actually try some things I’ve always wanted to try. Like belting, and ripping violin solos – totally hoping it’ll be received well…

What do you find a full-length album offers that EPs don’t? Do you prefer one format to the other?
It depends on how long it is. To be honest, I think both can tell a full story concept, but I think albums really offer a tied-in listening experience. This album is long, so you have to actually sit down and pay attention. The difference isn’t big enough for me to prefer one over the other – it’s all audible art!

How did you find the process of pulling this album together? It must’ve been pretty different to ‘Classical Notions…’?
Oh, yeah, entirely different! I recorded that album in Garageband, and now I’ve been in studios working with talented producers who have helped me make the music I’ve always wanted to make. I was wary about involving other people in the creative process because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it on my own, but when you’re in a room with people who get your vision, it’s an emanating understanding. It opened me up for sure.

What’s your favourite instrument to play? Is there anything you haven’t mastered yet you’d like to?
I’d say baritone uke. Just cause it’s like two-thirds of a guitar. Easier to play, harder to find! And the banjo! I’ve always wanted to play the banjo…not quite sure what’s stopping me… I’m gonna do it!

What do you most enjoy writing songs about at the moment? Are there any themes you’re repeatedly drawn to?
Right now, the overall vibe is both heartbreak and emotional confrontation of past scenarios that I’m attempting to ease me ole noggin on. I guess you could say it’s going swimmingly, but I only know how to doggy paddle…

What do you get up to when you’re not working on your music?
I love to kiss my sweet pooch Ducky, and I also love to play video games.

You’ve got tours coming up with two of our favourite acts, Remi Wolf and Wallows – how did those come about? Are you already pals?
I had only recently met Remi in person – we have some mutuals in LA! I have never met the Wallows boys, though… I’ll be seeing them very soon! ■

Taken from the June 2022 edition of Dork, out now. Jordana’s album ‘Face The Wall’ is out 20th May.

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