Marsicans look ahead to summer, and new music: “Our debut album is firmly in the works”

Catch up with Marsicans as they drop their new single, 'Little Things'.

Marsicans are already on their way to marking out 2019 as something special: fresh from supporting Foals in Hamburg and Kaiser Chiefs at Elland Road stadium, they’ve just dropped their new single ‘Little Things’, have loads of festivals to see them through the summer months, and – as bassist/vocalist Rob Brander reveals – their debut album is “firmly in the works”.

Hey, Rob. Are you lot busy at the mo, what are you up to?

We’ve actually had quite a quiet week this week, recharging our batteries after supporting Foals in Hamburg and the Kaiser Chiefs in a big old stadium last week. We did go down to London for Bushstock over the weekend and played the smallest stage ever to the busiest pub in the world – but it was fun. Then it’s more festivals thereafter, like good ol’ Barn on the Farm! Oh, and we have a new single coming out this week…

Tell us about ‘Little Things’?

It’s a song about the ‘little things’ in life that brighten your day, like finding a tenner in your pocket, and how sometimes we need those things to keep us going through the more turbulent times. It’s certainly our most bold musical statement to date. There are some RIFFS and quite a few twists and turns. It’s a trip.

Do you have lots of songs raring to go at the moment?

Like you wouldn’t believe! Our debut album is firmly in the works, and we could not be more buzzing.

And lots of live shows, too? Stylus is going to be a huge one.

After festival season is over, there will definitely be some tour dates in the autumn, and then it’s the big one in Leeds. It’s always fun playing in our hometown and to play to a thousand of our fans will be a dream.

Are you going to debut any new tracks live over the summer, do you think?

We’ve already been letting ‘Little Things’ out of its hutch for a runaround. I can’t say whether anything else will end up sneaking into the set.

“Oli got drunk and tried to recreate THAT scene from Dirty Dancing with a fan at Barn on the Farm last year…”
Rob Brander

How have you found festival season so far? Have you been travelling about a lot?
It’s been a blast! I suppose we have done a lot of travelling. We did the length of the country in the first few weeks, kicking off with a killer Live At Leeds show at Leeds Academy, then we went to Brighton over The Great Escape weekend, over to Warrington for Neighbourhood Festival, up to Newcastle for This is Tomorrow. The outdoor field festivals are the real fun. There have been some sick ones so far, and we have loads more to look forward to.

You’ve a fair few festivals coming up. Do you spend much time at events when you’re playing them, or are you straight in and out and back home for tea?

A lot depends on what time of day we play, but we always try to hang out at least a few of the festivals we play each summer. There’s nothing finer than standing in a field watching your favourite bands!

Is there anyone you’re especially keen to see at festivals this summer?

We’d love to catch Foals again, and Sam Fender [He’s headlining Barn on the Farm, ‘FYI’ – Ed], who have both blown us away this year when we played with them. We’re also looking forward to catching up with all our friends in other bands – which is another reason festival season is class!

How would you rate your camping skills out of ten?

Me personally? 0! I always share James’ tent and forget to bring basically everything that is important on a campsite. The rest of the boys are pretty good. Cale has a weird orange survival tent that looks like it could make it up a mountain without much difficulty.

Have you ever had any festival disasters or mishaps?

Oli once fell over a tent rope in a very, very dramatic fashion, which he has never lived down. Oli also got drunk and tried to play the role of Jennifer ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’ Grey, in a recreation of THAT scene from Dirty Dancing with a fan at Barn on the Farm last year, which he has never lived down. Basically, Oli is our festival mishap.

Anything else we should know?

You should never put Oli in a corner.

Marsicans’ single ‘Little Things’ is out now. They’ll play Barn on the Farm (6th July), Truck (26th July) and more this summer.

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