Oscar Lang’s songs that get my brain whizzing playlist, feat. Sunflower Bean, Post Animal, The Feeling and more

Oscar's Overthunked us a new playlist.

Oscar Lang is a funny chap. Following on from his debut EP ‘bops etc.’ (there was no etc, it was all bops), released in June last year, he’s back with a new ‘un – ‘Overthunk’, out today via Dirty Hit. It’s a bit more low-key and introspective than the first, and, with songs like ‘Flowers’, ‘January Leaves’ and ‘Feeling Like A Rose’, appears to have been largely inspired by foliage. To celebrate, he’s done us a topical playlist featuring “songs that get my brain whizzing” – including cuts from Sunflower Bean, Post Animal, The Feeling and more. Give it a listen below.

Andy Shauf – Thirteen Hours

Beautiful track by the king of the sad-boys off his latest album, Andy Shauf is a huge inspiration to me as a songwriter and was a big influence in Overthunk

Katy J Pearson – Tonight

Stumbled across this tune after seeing a gig by the band Lazarus Kane of which Katy is a band member. Amazing tune, love her voice.

Ariel Pink – Another Weekend

Another huge inspiration to me as a songwriter, this tune by Ariel Pink is too sick. The reverby synths and chilled out guitar were huge influences on tracks from ‘Overthunk’ like ‘January Leaves’ and over the whole record

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo

Soulful tune from this band. Love the lyrics for this. This sort of catchy ballad tune was what me and Bernard Butler ended up writing for the tune ‘Easy To Love’.

Luke Temple – 200,000 Years Of Fucking

Found this artist off an old BBC 3 documentary about his former band ‘Here We Go Magic’ then realised he was the genius behind it all and is now making amazing music under his real name. Go check out both bands, you will not be disappointed.

Norma Tanega – A Street That Rhymes at 6am

Been a huge fan of 60s/70s psychedelic folk tunes since I was a kid. This one has got analogue crispiness that I love.

The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

Another classic psychedelic tune, this start of this one kinda makes me feel anxious but in a weird kinda good way.

Post Animal – Goggles

This neo-psychedelic track was hugely influential in tracks like ‘Flowers’, riffy guitar and droney chords all the wayyyyyyy.

Ted Duchamp – Coke Float

Ahh, such a tune from my boi Ted, I love this song and more people should listen to his music.

The Feeling – Sewn

Grew up listening to The Feeling as it was my mum’s favourite band. Think this band introduced me to music and has accidentally influenced my songwriting.

James Holt – Alone Again

Found this lad on a random Instagram advert. Great songwriting and amazing voice and he is lovely chap hehe.

Sam Evian – Dark Love

Sam Evian is a great musician, the drummer in my band ‘Mac’ kept showing me his tunes on different occasions and every-time would ask me if I’d heard of him and proceed to fanboy about him and his gf. But tbh they’re worth fanboying over, really sick music.

Grebes – Halo

Another Instagram advert led me to this song and I’m glad it did. Love this band and know they’re gonna be big.

Papooz – About Felix

Been a big fan of Papooz for a few years now and have seen ’em multiple times. This track inspired the jazzy vibe of January leaves.

Drugdealer – Fools

Love Drugdealer and all of his collaborators, but this solo tune is amazing. Really managed to capture a 70s ass feel.

Joni Mitchell – All I Want

Amazing classic folk singer, also can’t get enough of her voice. I’m not afraid to say it. I love Joni Mitchell.

Chet Baker – I Get Along Without You Very Well

Nothing to say on this one other than I love it and I thought it was a cute way to end this, hehe lol xd.

Oscar Lang’s EP ‘Overthunk’ is out now.

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