Shame offer up a mid-afternoon stormer of a set at Glastonbury 2023 – photos

Yesterday (Saturday 24th June), Shame jumped in for a mid-afternoon stormer of a set that found them at their most complete as a band. New album ‘Food For Worms’ already marking out as a future Album Of The Year, their full-throttle live show remains as incendiary as ever – the likes of ‘Fingers Of Steel’, ‘Concrete’ and ‘One Rizla’ lighting up a jam-packed Woodsies stage that spilled out into the fields around it. With gold hot pants and a sprawling sound, it’s the crowning moment that Shame have been pointing to for a while. As ‘Gold Hole’ rings out, their reputation as both a great live band and a leading force in modern guitar music in general also stands loud and proud. Hot pants included.

We had Dork’s Patrick Gunning on hand to capture the action.