Introduce yourself to Pip Blom’s fave Dutch bands

Pip Blom runs us through her fave local bands.

The Netherlands is continuing its hot streak this summer with a stage at The Great Escape, and a buzzier-than-ever bill at Lowlands. To celebrate, Pip Blom runs us through her fave local bands.

Personal Trainer

A seven-piece band with an always changing line-up. When they play, there’s a really cool balance between complete chaos en super poppy songs. They’ve got three guitarists, but every single one of them plays something different. For people who love LCD Soundsystem, Sonic Youth and Pixies.

The Homesick

One of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen. They’ve just finished recording their second album, and I’m looking forward to it a lot. Their drummer is one of the coolest drummers you will ever see. He’s got one look, and one focus point but in the meantime, he’s drumming like a beast. For people who love ‘Animal Collective’ and ‘Women’.


Their album ‘Lewsberg’ is one of my favourite records from last year. The band reminds me a lot of Velvet Underground. Their songs are repetitive but in a very cool way. It isn’t boring at all. The band itself is really cool to look at cause their bass player is one of the coolest people you will see on a stage.

Scram C Baby

And last but not least, Scram C Baby. I grew up listening to this band. I’m always a bit afraid to go and watch bands live from my youth. But after the release of their latest album ‘Give Us A Kiss’ I really wanted to see them. The album is a lot better than I expected and good news: they are a cool band to see live too!

Taken from the Dork Festival Guide 2019. The Great Escape runs from 9th-11th May, and Lowlands from 16th-18th August.

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