Sad Boys Club: “The abnormality of the context demands some artistic response, doesn’t it?”

Catch the band at online festival Homeschool this May Bank Holiday weekend.

London’s Sad Boys Club have just shared a new video for single ‘Know: (Part ii)’. Their first new material of the year, it’s a very well-timed take on isolation and separation (“No, it’s not about quarantine”). Give it a watch below, and catch up with Jacob ahead of the band’s set at Homeschool.

Hey Jacob, how’s it going? Are you guys all self-isolating?

Hey Dork, it’s going pretty well, I think, all things considered. We’re all self-isolating separately, it’s hard. I had a couple of drinks last night and text Chris like an ex-girlfriend. Maybe this is bringing us even closer? I’m pining for my boys.

How has the lockdown impacted your band plans so far? Have you had to postpone much?

We had a big year planned, we were meant to be on tour with Slow Readers Club a couple of weeks ago, but that’s been moved towards the end of the year, and so have most of the metropolitan festivals like Dot to Dot, Sound City – but their time will come. Our autumn is looking very intense, which is how we like it. I need havoc and stress.

Do you have many songs in the bank already to release during this period?

We have a lot of music in the bank, but I think the abnormality of the context demands some artistic response, doesn’t it? It’s a responsibility to an extent, which is what’s great about being part of something like Homeschool. A lot of our music is centred around melancholic themes – our most recent single ‘Know (Pt.II)’ was written way before all this happened but coincidentally centred around experiences of isolation… – it feels as though there will come a time of reflection, but people need some release and positivity at the moment, which has invited an exploration into a side of us that doesn’t usually get a whole lot of attention. I’m enjoying it, there’ll be something in that vein soon I think.

Which of your bandmates would be the worst person to be stuck in lockdown with, do you think?

Chris. He’s a proper maniac of a hypochondriac.

“Is smoking a hobby?”

Do you have any fun lockdown-appropriate hobbies? We’ve mostly been nagging bands to do sessions n stuff.
My aunt is an art teacher for kids with learning difficulties, we’ve got a family WhatsApp group that drives me a little crazy for the most part, but she’s been sending loads of cool craft tutorials which I’ve found really therapeutic. I love spinning tops. Is smoking a hobby?

Have you found any upsides to social-isolating?

I’ve finally got time to read all the things I’ve said I’ve read to people I’m trying to impress at parties. Infinite Jest is literally on my desk being used as a mouse mat, I’m so close.

If you could only pick one album to be on lockdown with, what would it be?

My PR is gonna love me if I tell Dork it’s ‘A Brief Inquiry’ isn’t he? Sorry, Elliot. It’d be in the mix, but I’ve had Talking Heads’ ‘Stop Making Sense’ on loop on the good days. Fiona Apple’s album just came out at the time of writing though, and I can see that being a winner already.

Is there music you’re only really drawn to when going through a tough time?

Interesting question. It’s not quite an answer, but I’ve found the new Bob Dylan tracks powerful companions through those particularly difficult nights recently. Phoebe Bridgers and Death Cab for Cutie are probably the blueprints. I’ve also been enjoying Alice Coltrane.

What are the next few months going to look like fo Sad Boys Club?

I’m not sure anyone knows what their next few months are going to look like. We’re going to put out some new music whatever happens in the next couple of months, we’re also doing some more ‘live’ stuff for online, some covers, one of which we’ll give a go at Homeschool. It feels like a reactive period, so we’ll have to see how the wider landscape progresses, but hopefully, we’ll have achieved some spiritual transcendence.

Do you have any predictions for later in the year?

Revolution. I don’t know any more than that.

Sad Boys Club are taking part in new online festival Homeschool, which runs from 8th-10th May – visit for details.

Sad Boys Club: "The abnormality of the context demands some artistic response, doesn't it?"

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