Québec Spring 2024: a musical voyage from Montreal to the UK’s festival stages

This spring, the celebrated musical talents of Québec are set to delight UK audiences with QUÉBEC SPRING, a touring showcase that brings Montreal's finest acts to prestigious stages across the country.

With the bouncy enthusiasm of spring finally here, the famed musical talents of Québec are all set to capture the hearts of the UK audience under the banner of QUÉBEC SPRING – a touring showcase that transcends borders, bringing a selection of Montreal’s finest musical acts to various prestigious stages across the country. As the buds blossom, so too does the promise of discovering new music that might just be the soundtrack of tomorrow.

The spirit of QUÉBEC SPRING is rooted in the rich, cultural mosaic of Québec, a Canadian province renowned for its profound musical heritage and vibrant Francophone artistry. Montreal, the province’s pulsating heart, has historically been a fertile ground for musical innovation, nurturing the careers of icons like Leonard Cohen through to contemporary stars such as Kaytranada and Grimes. In its latest iteration, QUÉBEC SPRING aims to extend this legacy, presenting a lineup brimming with eclectic talents at various events around the UK between May 2nd and May 20th.

Among the gems this year are ALIAS, La Sécurité, DVTR, Bon Enfant, Soran, Choses Sauvages, Corridor, and Emilie Kahn — artists who not only promise electrifying live shows but also embody the diverse soundscape of Québec’s music scene. 

M for Montreal proudly presents showcases at Wide Days, FOCUS Wales and The Great Escape, with networking activities coordinated in partnership with the Québec Government Office in London and SODEC. Since its inception in 2006, M for Montreal – held between 20th and 23rd November 2024 – has played a pivotal role in boosting the careers of Québec artists and establishing Montreal as a key hub in the global music scene. The event annually gathers over 500 delegates from around the world, engaging them in an immersive three-day experience of live music showcases, insightful conferences, and networking opportunities, all designed to spotlight Québec’s rich musical talent on an international stage.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see:


Multi-instrumentalist Emmanuel Alias, the driving force behind ALIAS, crafts a distinctive blend of rock infused with psychedelic, dance-punk, and hip-hop influences. His music navigates a realm of twisted and hallucinatory themes that command attention. His debut EP, ‘It’s Not Funny So Stop Smilin’, laid the groundwork for his intricate sound, which was further explored in his concept album ‘Jozef.’ Emmanuel’s work extends beyond the stage into composing for the acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects, as well as numerous productions by Cirque du Soleil. His forthcoming album ‘EMBRACE CHAOS’ promises a shift towards synth-driven arrangements, anticipated to be another step in his eclectic musical journey.

La Sécurité

Known for their kinetic energy and eclectic sound, La Sécurité is a collective that thrives on jumpy beats and off-kilter arrangements. Their style is a vibrant mix of punk, new wave, and krautrock, with debut album ‘Stay Safe!’ characterised by its manic yet laid-back approach.


DVTR emerges from the punk scene as a powerful expression of the ’90s riot grrrl movement. Comprising Laurence Giroux-Do and JC Tellier of Le Couleur, DVTR is their outlet for unapologetically bold and confrontational music. Their lyrics challenge societal norms, wrapped in relentless punk rhythms – an electrifying showcase of energy and activism.

Bon Enfant

Bon Enfant dazzle audiences with a phantasmagoric blend of ’70s musical influences, where each performance is a journey through lush soundscapes. Their French lyrics add a layer of mystique to their music, showcasing an ability to transcend cultural barriers with their melodic and rich arrangements.


Soran’s musical tapestry weaves elements of pop and R&B into a fabric of interdimensional soundscapes. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he brings a fresh perspective to modern music. His journey began with a chance guitar purchase and evolved into a career that now boasts over 95 million streams. Not bad going, eh?


Corridor bring a fresh energy with their latest album ‘Mimi’, where they blend traditional guitar sounds with electronic elements. Impossible to pin down to any one specific reference point, they’re forward-thinkers pushing the boundaries of their own music.

Complete QUÉBEC SPRING Schedule

The schedule for QUÉBEC SPRING is designed to showcase the diversity and talent of Québec’s musical acts across various venues and festivals in the UK:

May 2

Wide Days Music Festival
Québec Dinner Reception
@Bongo Club (Edinburgh) – from 18:00 to 19:00
(Entry reserved for Platinum delegate pass holders)

M for Montreal showcase @Bongo Club (Edinburgh) – from 19:00 to 23:00
Emilie Kahn

May 8

On Tour
La Sécurité @Shacklewell Arms (London) – from 19:30

May 9

M for Montreal Reception
@Penny Black Room 2 (Wrexham) – 20:00
RSVP – coming soon!

M for Montreal showcase @Penny Black Room 2 (Wrexham) – from 20:30 to 23:10
La Sécurité
Bon Enfant

May 10

Bon Enfant @The Rockin’ Chair 1 (Wrexham) – 19:15
DVTR @The Rockin’ Chair 2 (Wrexham) – 22:45

On Tour
La Sécurité @Kazimier Stockroom (Liverpool) – from 19:45 

May 11

On Tour
Bon Enfant @In Colour Festival – Brudenell Social Club (Leeds) – 14:00
La Sécurité @Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh) – from 19:00

ALIAS @The Rockin’ Chair 2 (Wrexham) – 19:00

May 12

On Tour
La Sécurité @Just Dropped In Records (Coventry) – from 18:30
Bon Enfant @Band on the Wall (Manchester) – 20:30 

May 13

Networking Reception @The Québec Government Office in London – from 3pm
(invite only)

On Tour
La Sécurité @Big Hands (Manchester) – Times TBA

May 14

Canadian Showcase
Soran @Studio1 – Strongroom (London) – 18:15

On Tour
La Sécurité @The Lanes (Bristol) – 19:30
Bon Enfant @Hare & Hounds (Birmingham) – 19:30 

May 15

On Tour
Bon Enfant @The Lanes (Bristol) – 19:30

May 16

The Great Escape Festival
M For Montreal/ NZ Music Commission Mixer: What’s 14000 Kilometres between friends?  @Patterns Upstairs (Brighton) – 12:00 RSVP here

M for Montreal showcase @Patterns Upstairs (Brighton) – from 12:15
La Sécurité
Haviah Mighty
Choses Sauvages
Mock Media

Bon Enfant @Acid Box Super Fuzz Weekender (Brighton) – 21:00 
(La Sécurité is playing late night Thursday / early Friday in Brighton)

May 17

The Great Escape Festival
La Sécurité @Patterns Upstairs (Brighton) – 1:30
Corridor @Canada House, Green Door Store (Brighton) – 15:30
Bon Enfant @Canada House, Green Door Store (Brighton) – 16:10 
(Bon Enfant playing late night Friday / early Saturday in London)

May 18

The Great Escape Festival
Bon Enfant @Dust (Brighton) – 00:15
Soran @Canada House, Green Door Store (Brighton) – 13:30
Soran @The Prince Albert (Brighton) – 23:30

On Tour
Bon Enfant @The Shacklewell Arms (London) – 19:00