Swim Deep are back and prepping for a big year: “We’re all super buzzing”

Frontman Austin Williams offers up a few teasers for the band's upcoming plans.

Swim Deep are back! They’re playing Dork’s stage at Live At Leeds (4th May – find all the info here), have started their own record label, and have a new album ‘on the way’. We asked our long-term faves what to expect.

Hey Ozzy, how’s it going?

I’m great thanks, I’ve been excited since we mastered the record. I am sleeping so well because of it.

So, you’re properly back then. Where have you been?

Properly back and that! A lot has happened, a lot that I probably don’t need to go into, some really grim stuff but also some really life-affirming stuff. It’s kinda balanced. We’ve had to get our heads together and assess what this band is and what we need to do with it. Luckily we happened to come out of it all with much stronger hearts for it than ever; we’re all super buzzing.

What’s up with your new record label, are you going to work with other bands and stuff?

First things first, we’re gonna release our third LP and give the people what they want. THEN, yeah, there’s loadsa great stuff out there. We’ve always loved the idea of making the dream label, that makes it cheap for bands to rehearse and record. We never got that chance, we just got given loadsa money, and that’s bad for five stoner kids who have never seen money. So, we’d love to set up a base, a rehearsal space and demo-ing space, make it super easy for a band to become the tightest band with the big hits!

How have you found the process of setting the label up, is it something you had previous experience in?

No experience but we’ve met a lot of people who run labels, and I reckon we have a good chance.

New music’s coming imminently, right? What can you tell us about it?

It’s a lot different than what we’ve done (surprise surprise!), I reckon though if you dig Swim Deep, you’re gonna love it. It’s very Swim Deep.

Are any new songs going to get an airing at Live at Leeds?

Yes! Two or three. Big ‘uns.

Are you going to check out any other bands while you’re around?

I reckon the stage we’re playing is gonna be a big night out.

What’s your fave Yorkshire ~thing?


What else are you up to at the mo?

At the pub for Robbie’s birthday. Also writing new songs for next year. Peace!

Swim Deep play Dork’s stage at Live At Leeds. Visit liveatleeds.com for all the info.

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