Sea Girls tease their upcoming debut album: “Some bits might surprise people”

It's due early next year, 'FYI'.

A debut album, A Foals support slot in Eastern Europe and a headline show at the Kentish Town Forum – it’s all go for Sea Girls. We caught up with Rory and Henry from the band after their storming Reading set and heard what they had to say about the art of karaoke… oh, and the album, too.

Hey guys, how was the set?

Rory: Today I think we were struggling a bit with the tech, our headphones weren’t really working, but the crowd just fucking rode it, so we went off of them. Our shows are just made by the people that come along and go mad, that’s what makes it worthwhile.

You’ve got the headline show at Kentish Town coming up too, which is huge.

Rory: Yeah we’re really looking forward to it, loving it and can’t believe it’s nearly sold out. Oh look, there’s a poster over there, can you see it? *shouts* we’ve got a poster over there if anyone’s interested! No?
Henry: I love playing headline shows because everyone knows most of the songs and the crowd feedback is just incredible. Playing a longer set, especially to such a big audience, it’s just great.

And the debut album’s out soon too, that must be exciting?
Henry: Yeah, beginning of next year so looking forward to road testing a bit of that. It’s coming along really well, we’ve got a whole mix of songs on there.
Rory: I think we’re looking forward to showing the dynamics we have as a band, as well as hitting the same spots that people have always liked us for.
Henry: Yeah definitely, there’s that same heart we’ve always had, but we’re just stretching it all sonically. Some tracks are gentler, some are grander and then obviously there’s a few rock tracks in there too. I’m honestly so excited.
Rory: I think some bits might surprise people. I mean we haven’t exactly put out the same sort of stuff every time anyway, but there are definitely a few little surprises in there.

Are you looking forward to supporting Foals?
Henry: Definitely, we’re bringing our wits and our charms, and hopefully that’ll see us through.
Rory: It’s going to be mad, we’re playing in Kiev, St Petersburg, Moscow… Apparently, they like karaoke too, which is cool. I mean Foals, not the Russians. Although the Russians might like it too, I mean they’re going to have to, really.
Henry: We might try and get a duet going.

Will you be sticking around for the rest of the festival?
Rory: Hopefully, we can see some people. I really wanted to see Charli XCX, but that’s on right now, so maybe not… (Whoops, sorry lads! – Ed)
Henry: I’ve seen Foo Fighters twice before at Leeds, they’re fucking legends. I try screaming like him sometimes on stage, just stand there like ‘Fuuuucking siiing iiiit!’ I don’t know if it works though. *laughs*

Do you prefer Reading or Leeds?
Rory: I never went to a festival until we started playing them, easier when you get in for free, isn’t it! Nah they’re both great, we couldn’t possibly pick between our two children.

Words: Jake Hawkes

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