Stuff we’ve learned about the pop star Tom Grennan

After his appearance on Dork’s flagship radio show-slash-podcast ‘thingy’ Down With Boring, here's everything we found out about Tom Grennan.

After his appearance on Dork’s flagship radio show-slash-podcast ‘thingy’ Down With Boring, here’s everything we found out about Tom Grennan.

Words: Jamie Muir.

What happens after you’ve had a chart-storming debut album, toured the globe, headlined historic venues and become a sensation? Well, with his second album ‘Evering Road’, Tom Grennan has his eyes set firmly on the big time – something that could only be achieved by opening himself up in ways nobody has seen before. 

A collection of towering pop that hits right in the feels, it’s guaranteed to have ya dancing, crying and smiling from start to finish. From the joyful bounce of ‘Something Better’, the roaring call to arms of ‘This Is The Place’ and the gospel-soaked power of ‘If Only’, to the ripped-raw ‘You Matter To Me’, the rugged bruises of ‘Amen’ and the mournful blues-Bond theme ‘Love Has Different Ways To Save Goodbye’ – ‘Evering Road’ is the deeply confessional pop gem 2021 has been waiting for. 

With stories to tell and the big leagues a-waiting for Tom’s next giant step, he stopped by our weekly podcast/show thingy Down With Boring this week (Monday 15th February) to delve into the important subjects. Whether that’s waving like the Queen, playing a game about manners from around the globe, what to expect from ‘Evering Road’ or his focus on becoming the biggest act on the planet – it’s everything you could have wanted and more.

Here’s a taste of some of the things we learned:

‘Evering Road’, in a weird way, feels like a debut album for Tom…

Uncovering a completely new side of himself, ‘Evering Road’ feels like the beginning of something completely fresh. “It’s strange. With my first album, I was kinda learning on the job, and when I was writing that album, I didn’t really know what I was writing about. Those songs have a meaning, but not as much as what this album is. I just feel like finally, I’m an artist now and I can actually say that. I’ve grown into an artist, and I’m not just like a blagger!”

It’s not a breakup album, but it also kinda is…

It’s a personal one for our Tom, looking back at a relationship which found a home on the actual, real-life ‘Evering Road’. “It’s not one of those ones where it’s like, poor me, everybody feel sorry for me – actually I fucked up in this relationship. And I’m trying to say sorry, I’ve made mistakes, and I’m human. I’m a better man now for it. Even though I lost someone that I really loved during that time, I can see that in that mode and that relationship, I didn’t actually love myself and I needed to love myself before I could love anybody else.”

He may have been wearing the same green tracksuit for the past few months, but Tom’s ready to get suited and booted…

“I read this thing the other day, and it got me quite excited. About 100 years ago there was the Spanish Flu, and people weren’t allowed out of their house really for two or three years. But when people were allowed out, it was the booming 20s. Everyone’s suited and booted, and that’s kinda got me excited. When everyone’s back out after this, everyone will be suited and booted, looking dapper and just loving life. I’m excited.”

Being honest helped lift the pressure of following up the success of his debut…

“When I worked out exactly what I could write about, that pressure just went off me. When I was going into this second album, I was like, shit I’ve just got to write songs like I did the first album and the pressure was on me because – am I going to be able to do that again? Now I’ve written these songs that mean something and have a story and actually paint a picture of what I was like and what that relationship was like – the pressure completely left.”

From singing in a pub for 20 people to playing in front of 70,000, Tom’s rise is a crazy one to look back on…

“The whole journey is ridiculous, it’s just crazy. I don’t know how, don’t know why it’s happened to me, but it has. I was playing in a pub in Finsbury Park where I got signed, and then six months later I was playing actual Finsbury Park with Chase & Status. It’s been a mad, mad time, and now with this album coming out and when we can tour again, it’s just going to get madder.”

Tom Grennan in 2021 is laser focused on being as big as he can…

“I wanna be the biggest artist in the world – if I could be, y’know? I want to be a level. I’m not here to play games anymore or mess about. Like, when I first went on tour and it was me and my mates we were just getting fucked up and having a good time. This time it won’t be that; I need to focus and be the biggest I can possibly be. I don’t have time to mess around anymore, and yeah, I’ve got my head screwed on now. No distractions.”

Tom has a phobia of elbows…

We’ve never heard of it either, but basically don’t go rubbing your elbows in Mr Grennan’s space, yeah? “I don’t know where it comes from, but when I was younger, I hit my funny bone really really bad. I think that’s where it stemmed from, the trauma. But yeah I can’t, I can’t actually touch… like the inside of elbows are rank. If someone sticks their elbow out, I feel physically sick.”

Tom has a legendary dog… called Marmite

“Well, you see I was told that Marmite was going to be a small dog and mate, he’s an absolute horse. He’s a Romanian rescue dog”. Photos are needed ASAP okay Tom.

Tom’s improved his punctuality through the years of music fun, but take his advice on party timing…

“I wasn’t a punctual person until my manager drilled it into me that people are offended when you turn up late to things and I was like, really?! And then I got the whole concept of why it is a bit rude to turn up to things late, so I do understand it. Be on time always, and if you can be earlier, be early. It makes the person you’re meeting appreciate you more… but to a party? I’m not turning up on time! If you turn up to a party on time, you’re standing there talking to people that you don’t really know or like… urghhhh.”

Check out Tom Grennan’s special guest appearance on Down With Boring on Dork Radio below. You can also listen by searching for DorkCast on all the classic podcast ‘platforms’. Tom Grennan’s album ‘Evering Road’ is out 5th March.

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