Tom Grennan chats lockdown and new material: “I’ve got really into TikTok”

We sent some Qs, he sent some As.

Tom Grennan – who you may recognise from Dork’s recent foray into virtual festivals, or, y’know, being a famous musician (?!) – has debuted an acoustic session video for his song ‘Oh Please’. Shot at home during lockdown, it’s not a despairing oh please aimed at misinformation or ‘the state of things’, but rather an excited look towards the future, inspired by the feeling that anything is possible. Nice, right? A few weeks back we sent Tom a few Qs to find out what he’s up to at the mo, and hey presto, here are his answers.

Tom! Hello. How are you doing at the moment, coping ok with self-isolation?

Hey, I’m good! I’m at home in Bedford at the moment self-isolating so it’s different to the summer and festival season everyone’s had planned. I’ve just been trying to keep busy and help out where I can. It’s been nice to spend so much time with my family too.

We hear you’ve been helping people out around your neighbourhood?

Yeah! Just before the full lockdown I was in East London so I was doing a bit of dog walking for people in the area and helping with shopping for people that couldn’t get out. Then I went back to my parents’ for full lockdown in Bedford, and have been helping the local community when I’m able to go on my walks and delivering essentials to people with Bedford Food bank.

It sounds like you’ve put out a lot of positivity during a difficult time, what have you most enjoyed doing?

For sure! It’s a bad situation for everyone but helping out my community has been really positive. I’ve been working out, and just being with my family and taking time to reflect.

How has the lockdown impacted you otherwise, have you had to alter many of your music biz plans?
Some of my touring plans have changed and a lot of festivals have been cancelled, but everyone’s in the same boat. I’ve been creating a lot more and focussing on new music. I’ve done a couple of sessions on Zoom too which is a bit mad!

Will this all mean we have to wait a bit longer for new material do you think, or do you already have some ‘in the bag’?

I’ve got loads in the bag! It’s been sick seeing how much fans are into ‘Oh Please’. People tagging me in their stories listening to it on their daily exercise is so great to see. I’ve got loads more for everyone to hear though.

Have you learnt any new skills during the lockdown period?

I’ve got really into TikTok actually so I’m loving that. Been playing around with it with my Dad! Also just seeing how much I can do at home that I wouldn’t normally.

Do you have any self-isolation-friendly hobbies you’d recommend?

Working out and Netflix! There’s a load of fun things online I’ve got to get involved in too. So get your mates on a pub quiz, I’ve hosted some of them and it’s been really fun.

Are there any musicians or albums that you gravitate to during tough times?

Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’. Always, she’s the Queen of England.

What do you miss the most with the current restrictions in place?

Just being able to see mates properly and go to the shop normally really. It’s a weird situation.

Do you have any predictions for later this year?

More music!

Tom Grennan’s new album is due later this year.

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