Trout is obsessed in the best possible way with her new track, ‘In My Room’

Full-on to the point of – direct quote – being “a little creepy”, TROUT is an artist unafraid to let the real emotions ride free. Read our latest Hype playlist cover feature now.

Words: Sam Taylor.
Photos: Jennifer McCord.

Growing up in Copenhagen before moving on to Wales and now Liverpool, where they study music at LIPA, 23-year-old Cesca has a wealth of inspiration to draw on for their new musical project, Trout. Their debut EP, ‘Colourpicker’ – named in honour of their synesthesia – is coming this summer through Chess Club Records. The introspective six-song project sees them explore the rabbit holes their mind goes down when they’re on their own, via eminently charming, grungy guitar-pop. Along with recent singles ‘gutter’ and ‘garden’, the release features new drop ‘in my room’, a fun-but-creepy ode to falling in love and the slightly out-of-control feeling of obsession that can come with it.

Hello Trout! How’s things? Are you up to anything fun today?
Hello, I’m well, thanks! Having a fairly chilled day today; it’s nice and cosy as it’s raining outside.

You’ve just dropped your new single, ‘In My Room’ – what was the inspiration behind the song? Where did it come from?
The inspiration for the song was from falling in love with someone, and that initial stage where the feelings are all pretty intense, in a good way. But I wanted to write it from the perspective of someone who is really obsessive, and so the lyrics come across as a little creepy in that sense.

How does the song fit into your new EP?
This was the last song I wrote for my EP, and so naturally, it’s the closest to where my writing style is now. It’s also more positive, I’d say, than the narratives of the other songs; however, it slots in nicely with the overarching theme of being stuck in my room pondering over the things in my head.

“The inspiration for the song was from falling in love with someone”


Can you tell us a bit about writing and recording the EP? How did you pull it together?
I wrote it across a few places I lived in Liverpool and my family home in Wales. The initial couple of songs took a while to write, as I was coming out of a writing block, but songs like ‘gutter’ and ‘words’ happened really quickly. At the time, I wasn’t writing for anything in particular, so I had no time constraints and, therefore, a lot of freedom creatively. This also meant I had time to reflect on whatever I was writing about as the songs were being created, which I think meant that they could be developed as far as they needed to be. I recorded everything as I went along, as I like getting it all down straight away. Then the production of it all was my favourite part; so much fun, and I learnt a lot from it.

What do you most like writing songs about? Are there any themes you find yourself drawn to?
I’m often drawn to writing about how I feel about the people who are/have been in my life and how they’ve made me feel about myself. I think this is where most of my emotion lies, so that’s probably what’s itching to come out.

How did you come to work with Chess Club Records?
I was introduced to them through someone on an A&R team who found my song ‘bugs’ online. They introduced me to Pete, and I was put in touch with Will too, and we started to speak about working together after hearing more of the music I was making at the time and coming to see a live show. It was our second-ever gig as Trout, so I was grateful that they could see past all of the rookie errors we made!

Did you grow up in a musical household?
No, not really. My parents do appreciate music, though – my dad listened to Pavarotti and Madonna… so I was surrounded by great taste. My mum introduced me to music that became big influences to me when I was younger, like The Eagles, Katie Melua, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Cranberries. All my family are quite creative people in other ways, though, so that was inspiring to be around.

“I love drawing, making clothes, knitting…”


Are you creative in non-musical ways too?
Yeah, I think I’m quite creative in the way I approach things in general. I love drawing, making clothes, knitting, and just making anything; it’s the most relaxing thing to me.

How have you found your time in Liverpool so far?
It’s been really wonderful to live in. I feel lucky that I found somewhere that felt like home straight after I moved out of my parents’ house, as I know that can take a while. But I’m now definitely ready to find somewhere new to live, and I am excited about that.

Is it a good place to be for up-and-coming musicians?
It is a good city for up-and-coming musicians. Most people here love music and want to support the local scene. It’s hard to keep independent local venues alive at the moment, but the people here are very passionate about doing so.

Who else from the Liverpool scene should we be keeping an eye on?
Our drummer Ollie has an amazing project on the go called Gladness. It really is a special project, so keep an eye out; they’ll be releasing some new music very soon. Other bands I love from the local scene at the moment are A Lesser Version and Spouses, both making beautiful music!

What else are you working on at the moment? Do you have big plans for the rest of the year?
We have the EP release in August and some exciting shows around that, which we’re really looking forward to, including a Liverpool headline. I’m currently working on some new music too, which feels exciting, and hopefully not too long before people can hear that too!

Finally – tell us about your room; what’s it like?
It changes fairly often, but right now, I’m in a basement room of an old Georgian house, and I love it. It has everything I need in it and also lots of stuff I really do not need, plus too many spiders for my liking. But it’s cosy, and maybe I’ll write a song about this one too.■

Trout’s EP ‘Colourpicker’ is out 31st August. Follow Dork’s Hype Spotify playlist here.