Welcome to the all new Dork!

Introducing our all new digital realm, and how it'll make sure you never miss out on your favourite bands again.

Welcome to the all new, all singing, all dancing readdork.com. Following the revamp of our magazine earlier this year, we’ve given a complete makeover to our digital utopia too – and it’s glorious, if we do say so ourselves.

Rebuilt from the ground up, it’s not just a prettier platform, full of bold images, bombastic words and questionable attempts at humour. It’s also introducing a whole new way to filter our content, making sure you never miss out on the latest from your favourite bands ever again.

We’re delighted to introduce Fanclub – a two way relationship between you, Dear Reader, and everything Dork. Sign up, and you’ll be able to follow bands, festivals, topics and creators, getting your own curated feed of what we put out. When logged in, you’ll find tags scattered throughout the website. If you’re into something, just hit the yellow button, watch it turn red, then find all associated content in your own, personal feed. From individual artists to new tracks, album announcements or live dates – you can delve deep or keep it focused on your favourite acts.

But that’s not the only way Fanclub works. It also lets you get involved in what we publish too. You can submit band tips, tracks, playlists you’ve created or even your own fan art direct to the Dork team. We’ll filter through and highlight the best submissions.

That’s not the only change to our output. You’ll find a greater focus on playlists as we concentrate on making a world of all you can eat streaming more manageable for your discerning ears, dealing not only with what’s new, but also the established bangers, hidden gems and forgotten classics in music’s long tail.

Prefer to watch your music? We love music tv when it concentrates on the music. That’s why we’ve made our own channel, Dork TV, broadcasting out the best music videos 24/7. If you start watching, you’ll be seeing exactly what the rest of the world is, just like ‘proper’ telly. It’s just like the good old days.

We’ve also developed a brand new ‘live’ broadcast system. At points of maximum buzz and hype, we’ll be able to bring you minute by minute coverage in one constantly updating page. You’ll know it’s a genuine Pop Emergency, as there’ll be a big yellow strap line throughout the site telling you there’s an active ‘situation’. It even comes with its own klaxon, probably. 

So, sign up, delve in, and start creating your own personal Dork. There’s a short guide to how it all works below. We’ll see you on the front lines. Down with boring!

Step 1: Sign up!

Head to readdork.com/fanclub and register a new account. We just need a username, email and password. Confirm the account, and you’ll be logged in and ready to go.

Step 2: Follow stuff!

Like a treasure hunt, once logged in you’ll find little yellow tags scattered throughout the site. Containing the names of artists and bands, festivals, topics – like ‘new tracks’ or ‘release announcements’ – or creators (that’s our writers, photographers and illustrators, ‘FYI’), if you tap on one, it’ll turn red. That means you’re following! If you tap on your username in your menu bar (or ‘Profile’ on mobile), you’ll be able to see all the tags you’re currently signed up to, and remove those you’re no longer interested in, curating your own personal content feed.

Welcome to the all new Dork!
Step 3: Read stuff!
Tap ‘Feed’ in your menu bar, and you’ll get your personally curated list of the latest things we’ve published, in chronological order, associated with the tags you’ve followed. How it works is up to you – follow loads and use it to filter out the stuff you’re not bothered about, or keep it focused to your absolute faves to give yourself a first point of call before heading to the rest of the site for more. You can always edit your followed tags to fine tune what you read.
Welcome to the all new Dork!
Step 4: Do stuff!
Collecting together your favourite topics isn’t all Fanclub does, though. Hit ‘Submit’ in your menu bar, and you’ll be able to send stuff direct to Dork HQ. We want you to tip us off about ace new bands you’ve discovered, and let us know about any uncovered bangers you’ve found in the wild. If you’ve made a great playlist, we want to hear it. Like to dabble in the fan arts? Send it our way. We’ll highlight the very best.
Ready to go? Sign up to Fanclub!

Welcome to the all new Dork!

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