Theresa Jarvis from Yonaka is here to make your last-minute festival packing dash a little bit easier

Top tips.

Comfy pillow? Check. Spare pants? Check. Portable charger that will probably be lost to a mate within five minutes of getting on site? Check. That’s our packing list sorted.

Thankfully, Theresa Jarvis from Yonaka is here to suggest a few more odds and ends you might want to take with you to this summer’s festivals… 

Wet Wipes

Cleanliness is essential if your gonna go the distance, and you gotta keep clean out in that field baby.


I’m the thirstiest girl alive, so I need to stack up on water to make sure I don’t succumb to thirst.

Colourful Wig/Fancy Dress

I love getting dressed up and entering the bubble of another world for a few days, and I find fancy dress really helps you lose yourself.


Always make sure you’re never going out by yourself into a festival, get yourself a good group of mates and go party together.

Dry shampoo

An absolute essential to help you look a little bit cleaner when you’re sleeping in a tent in a field!

Taken from the Dork Festival Guide 2019. Yonaka play All Points East (31st May), This Is Tomorrow (24th-26th May), Truck (26th-29th July) and more.

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