We get it. You’re a shiny new band, but without the right label, a PR team that’s practically psychic, a booking agent with all the right connections, and gigs that don’t involve playing to an audience of one (hi, mum), getting us media types to notice you is a challenge at best. And emails? Please. Our inboxes are so jam-packed, even our own parents aren’t getting a reply.

There are people who will tell you they’ve got answers. Pay to submit. Pay for feedback. Just give us some cash and we’ll listen. Each to their own. That’s not for us.

But fear not, we’ve got a plan. Enter Dork FWD. It’s simple. Upload your best song on mp3 (one, uno, ein – get it?), tell us who you are, and where we can find more about you. Nobody will ask you for money, a share of the rights, or the chance to sell you for profit. We’ll then put on our best mining gear and dig. If we strike gold, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. 

So, what are you waiting for? Show us your magic.

Submission does not guarantee coverage – we’re only able to cover a percentage of the best submissions. Please only submit one MP3 at any one time. You won’t be able to submit your entry until you add a file. This is not intended as a platform for PRs, larger labels and agencies to submit music through – please use the usual channels. Don’t be a dick.

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