Phoebe Green, Joey Maxwell and Mollie Coddled bring the party to Dork’s Night Out

Lengthy queues outside the venue, a celebratory mood inside - you know how it is when we throw a big ol' party, right?
Photo credit: Patrick Gunning

Like a giant jukebox of some of our absolute faves, Camden Assembly is rocking right from the start for the FIRST-EVER Dork’s Night Out. Lengthy queues outside the venue, a celebratory mood inside – you know how it is when we throw a big ol’ party, right?

Opening proceedings can be a tricky job, but for Mollie Coddled, it’s taken fully in her stride. With only a handful of tunes’ out’, tonight feels like a lucky glimpse at a future superstar. Melding slacker-pop with intimate wholesomeness, it’s rare for the act first on to play to a packed room. They’re a lucky bunch, especially when undeniable hits’ Loser Bitch’ and ‘Wavelength’ land. Every song feels ready-made to be a future favourite. If we’re not here in 12 months talking about how big a deal Mollie Coddled is, then we’ve all failed.

Regular readers will know we’re prone to getting quite excited by new artists who revel in the unpredictable, the kind that jump between genres and styles with every release. It’s why Joey Maxwell is so exciting. But once he gets on stage? He’s A Big Fucking Force. ‘Streetlights’ is a blistering early hitter, here to turn the room into his own million-dollar showcase. At times wildly punk, gloriously indie, or something altogether indescribable – Joey leaves everyone turning to their mate saying, ‘oh wow, that was pretty bloody good’. If you want someone to follow into 2022, see Joey Maxwell.

By the time Phoebe Green comes on stage (for her very first London headline show!), Camden is champing at the bit. A talent who captures attention and elicits devotion in a unique way, she has an ability that few others possess: to set the vibe from the moment she enters the room. From ‘Grit’ to ‘So Grown Up’ to ‘Golden Girl’, it’s all so self-assured. When we say that Phoebe Green doesn’t sound like anyone else around right now, we genuinely mean it. It’s raw and engrossing – a unique artist creating her own world, pulling in everyone around her as she goes.

It’s a line in the sand for who Phoebe Green ‘the artist’ is becoming: a mesmerising mix of electro, indie and more that promises an unpredictable but enticing future. It’s shown in full cinematic scale as Phoebe bursts into ‘Reinvent’, with the packed crowd screaming along to every note she pours into the front row. In that moment, Phoebe Green goes above and beyond – someone who is regularly pointed to by her peers as a beloved favourite but whose connection to her fans continues to grow brighter.

Phoebe Green isn’t waiting to fit into a passing trend. Instead, she’s making something bigger. Her headline performance at Dork’s Night Out is a summary of everything that makes her continued rise so joyful to watch. Nothing can be pigeonholed or cast aside – it’s all about being in the moment.

Now that’s a night out.

Check out behind the scenes photos from Dork’s Night Out here.

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