Francobollo, Bad Nerves and Valeras bring it home on week two of Etc. 2018

Who needs football when you've got bangers, eh? Yeah. We know.

Let’s face it guys – it ain’t coming home. We all watched the game, Luka Modric being a pain in our backside, that frustration, the late goal – we can talk about it for weeks. Or if not, Roy Keane can. He loves it. Now, we’re not here to pass judgement on Mr Keane, but the night after needs a good ‘ol shindig – and if there’s anything Dork can promise, a shindig is definitely it. Week two at Etc. has a different feel altogether, but our penchant for bloody lovely vibes hasn’t changed. Trust us; it’ll still be coming home sooner than you know it.

Valeras are leading the charge. They’re openers tonight, but give it a minute, and they’ll be headlining all over the shop. It’s a dominant display. Clean but packing a presence, they fly through a set with bass lines ripping at every moment – a full-on band, unafraid. As a live act, they’re unstoppable. No matter the slot, they take to it like it’s theirs to seize. This is just the beginning, keep an eye on this lot. The rest is inevitable.

There’s no band more hungry than Bad Nerves, and it’s written across their face as soon as they step on stage. Lightning riffs and a sense of no bullshit rings out. There’s a knowing to everything they do, with new songs effortlessly catching the imagination and already certified bangers ringing out. Diving into the front row, the likes of ‘Can’t Be Mine’ and ‘Radio Punk’ are delivered emphatically. The Old Blue Last is lucky to catch an early preview of what’s to come.

Francobollo headline tonight in their own unique style. Their sense of ‘we’re trying this, let’s see what you think of it’ rings throughout, that daring innovation and refusal to sit still dialling up the excitement at every turn. With an album under their belt, you’d forgive them for resting easy, but tonight they feel like a whole new band. From swapping drummers to new future indie pop hits, all packed with sizzling energy, Francobollo may just be one of the most unpredictable and invigorating bands around.

Yeah, football’s not coming home. We get it; we can read the news. But we all love a sing-song; music is the ultimate remedy, and, let’s be fair, we all love a great new band, too.

Etc. 2018 continues with Off Bloom headlining our next show on 19th July, with Girli closing down the month long festival on 26th July. Grab free tickets from Dice here.

Words: Jamie Muir

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